Defending Jesus' Resurrection (LIVE with Dr. Jonathan McLatchie, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Jonathan McLatchie will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

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Article on Dr. McLatchie’s case for the resurrection:


Dr. McLatchie should debate Forrest Valkai.
Up until now I’ve seen Forrest criticize only the low hanging fruit about evolution.

No one is perfect I guess. Loved the talk but the final reference to the age of the earth, young earth v old earth creation, was a bit sad.
Yes there are hermeneutical explanations to reason for an old earth using Genesis, but they are bad ones.
Worse still, the facts are overwhelmingly against an old earth. Attacking evolution, old earth creationism, is a bit like attacking Islam. Poke a stick almost anywhere and the narrative has holes in it.
Otherwise great talk and I have signed up for his YouTube chanel but obviously won’t be too interested in anything regarding the age of the earth on there.

Doctor this…doctor that…
like if this denomination of complacency would give you some legitimacy to knowledge. Poor guy…
Take a look in Internet and see how people from around the world, mostly women, are coming to Islam by the grace of Allah : “An-Nasr ( Victory) 110 1-2-3”
*In the name of God, the Kind, the Caring.

  1. When God’s victory and conquest come.
  2. And you see masses of people entering God’s religion…
  3. Then glorify and praise your Lord, and ask Him for forgiveness. He accepts repentance.*
    Ask yourself why masses of western women are embrassing Islam.
    Allah’ou Akbar.

This interview was very interesting in many ways, from the designed complexity of living systems to the undesigned coincidences found in the New Testament.
This interview was very disappointing with regard to the resurrection argument: a very shallow discussion and not at all convincing.

devil is feeling offended you speaking truth in his platform

Ima delete my accout when Davod does,. How about mass virtual su’c’de :slight_smile: ?

What a terrific, informative clip, guys!! When talking about a certain protein forming, I have read would take about 20 million years. The microscopic organism discussed here has hundreds of proteins. Therefore, US forming “by accident” is beyond comprehension!!

36:58 - preach!

Was already subbed to McClatchie’s channel but got no notifications. I’m off now to put that right and binge listen

I love this stuff. Great show Dizzle

Good morning from Scotland.
Praying that you are well and blessed.
Continue your work and be blessed in Jesus name :pray:

Sure wish I could remember all the details that were talked about.
It would help with the comment arguments on other channels with anti Christians.
It seems their doubts are just resistance to the supporting information.

Kick-ass guest but with a pastoral heart. Well done.

David KEEp Jonathan close - HE IS correct, I am sOOOOO PROUD of Jonathan - YOU ARE AMAZING - GOD / JESUS are watching you …closely. David KEEP Jonathan CLOSE

‘Robust reliability of the gospels” — amen!

Dr. Wood, Johnathon brought a lot of good info. However, I have followed Habermas for years. Anytime he speaks about the minimal facts, he presents it by saying that even the opponents of Christianity acknowledge that the disciples had experiences in which they believed they encountered the risen Christ. He never says that critics agree the disciples actually saw Jesus, only that it is historically certain that they believe they did. Furthermore, I question if he’s put in the work that Habermas has? Just saying…


Can anybody explain the stuff with probabilities? For instance: if you take a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards) and randomly mix them together, you will get a set of randomly mixed cards. To get that set of combination equals 1/52! (Factorial of 52 which is equal 8.06e+67). So, the probability to get specifically this set or cards equals to 1/8.06e+67, an astronomically improbable but recently happened, so why this can not explain random creation of life as well?

David, while listening, drinks out of his mug with JIHADI TEARS in bold type on! :joy::joy::joy: Priceless!