Did Muhammad Respect Other People's Gods?

Muslim activist Shahid Siddiqui recently claimed that the Quran commands followers of Muhammad not to insult the gods of other people. David Wood examines the context of this verse to see whether Islam really encourages such respect.

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I’m tired of this world and humans, they are so despicable and sinful. They insult and berate each other, they think other people are bad but in fact they do bad things to them.

Sounds like BS to me!

We have all seen in movies how if someone is bitten by Vampire / Zombies they to turn into Vampire / Zombies. Likewise if one follows Satan’s religion they are for ever his !!

We should leave the teachings like “who will live by sword will die by sword” and “vasudaiva kutumbakam” and take up arms to fight this evil to protect our families

The problem with christians and hindus is they still follow rule of peace and whole world is a big family while muslims usimg modern tactics to eliminate every religion thats why evil(islam) is winning

We hindus and christians must work together to force this snake called islam back to its hole where it came from

Muhammad during the Battle of Badr in 624 AD. After Muhammad entered Mecca in 630, he destroyed the statue of Hubal from the Kaaba along with the idols of all the other pagan gods.

No, we Muslims including prophet Mohammed don’t respect other Gods because there is only one God. The verse says “do no insulting” it’s not talking whether we should respect or not. You would never see Muslims cursing Jesus or burning the bible

i don’t understand why people does not think that all kind of religion should be present in this world … otherwise this world will be no beauty . plz dont force anyone to convert their religion.

8:56 Exactly! When they are in minority, they talk about Secularism and Democracy. While in majority, they talk about Sharia.

can you do an episode on Halala??

Matikund sun temple
Modhera temple

Krishna janmbhumi
Somnath temple
Rudr mahalaya
Madan Mohan temple
Taxila University
Nalanda University
and the list goes on…

When Moses saw the Israelites worshiping a golden calf he destroyed the calf. I guess according to David woods argument, Moses didn’t respect other peoples gods.

I like “les they insult allah wrongfully without knowledge” part. That means if you know what insults are true you can insult him all you want.

Please, everyone…
Stop commenting these things like
“Respect Al Quran”
“Respect our Religion”
“We are not bad persons”
Keep Patience…
Let him go now…
Let ALLAH deal with it​:palms_up_together:t4::woman_with_headscarf:t4::mosque::heartpulse:

Actually, muslims are 10% of New Delhi’s population, not 5%. But I get your point

The claim by Shahid Siddiqui is a blatant lie. Muslims in his country regularly denigrate Hindu deities, and then scream ‘blasphemy’ when Hindus respond in kind and denigrate Muhammad. Hindus would normally have no interest in denigrating Muhammad if muslims didn’t denigrate their gods

Iconoclasm ideology of islam has destroyed lakhs of temples in ancient India which consists of today’s pakistan and bangladesh too.

David - You should bring Amina Sardar on your channel. She is an Ex Muslim and extremely outspoken and knowledgeable on ill practices of Islam!!!