Did Shaykh Uthman Tweet About Enslaving Christian Women and Children?

Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq (One Message Foundation) has been accused of calling for Jizya to be imposed on all non-Muslims, and of claiming that the wives and children of anyone who refuses to pay Jizyah should be enslaved. Did Shaykh Uthman actually tweet this? David Wood asks him to clarify what happened.

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Of course he did. Taqiyya. Did you expect anything else? Btw, why do you ‘heart’ your own comments? Weirdo lol :'D

So what Othman said it didn’t happen?!!! He said it happened and he ordered to delete them , The hypocrisy is on another level with you guys

Surprise suprise.

Imagine that. What a shock.

@M Alshammari There was never any volunteer, he was lying. A video chat has come out where Uthman is accepting those words as his own words.

@Dr Uzi A video chat has come out where Uthman is accepting those words as his own words. And you already knew this as a possibility, so… par for the course I guess

@Dr Uzi LOL, that church in your community is as imaginary as Shaykh Uthman’s “volunteer”.

@Allhumdolilla For Islam. Your resort to ad hominem tells us all that you have run out of argument and are left with only personal attacks. “Yes go to the PERSON WHOSE RELIGION PERMITS LYING he will definitely tell you the TRUTH!!” See how easy that is?

@Allhumdolilla For Islam.

Peacer: “Trinity makes no sense.”

Also Peacer: “God is beyond human understanding (and that is why X doesn’t make sense to you).”

@Allhumdolilla For Islam. Are you insulting your Isa nabi and your Ruh-al-quds? Astagfirullah LOL

(I am an atheist, try insulting Darwin or Dawkins or something, maybe I’ll get triggered)

@Allhumdolilla For Islam. Ah, so you are THAT weirdo who is able to ignore all of history and even your heavenly book and conclude that Isa, an obvious ripoff from Christian writings, is not Jesus. Please carry on.

He clearly says he doesn’t run the twitter account

Amen Glory to God

The Bible is not evil just because some wolves in sheepskin rewrote it for their own personal agenda, same can be said about the fake Qurans printed by the mainstream media who demonize Muslims to help the US government continue their never ending wars.

@ZONE13 you can’t call Qu’ran fake, the bible is just some made up book

@noffski Islam means in Arabic “to worship God” and Muslims mean “One who worship God” which the word “Mu” and “Lim” is to describe the devotion in worship of God. It is true that the Jews and Christians would not be called as Muslims, but they can be called as Mu’mins based on their devotion to God.