Did Shaykh Uthman Tweet About Enslaving Christian Women and Children?

@المسيح هو الرب just told you lions don’t answer to barking dogs especially those who bark from their arse. Say whatever you will it makes no difference to us. More and more people are reverting to Islam everyday which is why you’re butt hurt.

Do you have anymore propaganda from the US government who lie, cheat and steal?

Guess what?

We don’t care. Islam has been exposed 100’s of times…one silly sheikh isn’t going to save you

@المسيح هو الرب tbh honest, i don’t really care about people like you. It’s the uninformed and people who seek the truth i care about. Knowing only one side of the story is not seeking the truth, it is bias. It does not matter if you think the sheikh is lying or not.

Said the White Helmet/ISIS fanboy who loved their staged chemical attacks movie that was funded by the US government and their NATO friends.

You’re confusing that with the fake Bibles wrote by Samuel and he promoted killing children and committing animal cruelty.

I came back to Christianity thanks to David wood. Shouldn’t make blanket statements like that.

A muslim friend is now an atheist and now curses Muhammad day and night for marrying Zainab :joy:

@Ouat Feels Why? David has confirmed he isn’t a expert in Christianity, the Bible has been exposed for its contradictions, errors and many mistakes. Y’all Christians don’t have a common belief, some worship Mary, some worship saints, some say Jesus is God himself, some say he’s only the Son, some are Unitarians, y’all don’t even have a standardized bible. The concept of the crucifixion makes no sense, the resurrection has no historical proof, both the crucifixion and resurrection have different accounts in the 4 gospels. The Old Testament is bloodthirsty and Gruesome, y’all believe Jesus is God so y’all believe he ordered those mass killings and rapes and murders.

Christians don’t follow Jesus, worshipping him isn’t following him. Worship the one Jesus worshipped in Matthew 26:39. Worship the Only true Father who had SENT Jesus (Luke)

Do your research. Love!!!

Yea yea. He denies all and Interprets as per his views.

And then accepts in a video chat that he wrote those tweets. A video chat that has come out. If the roles were reversed, he’d already be charged with hate speech. He is an extremist.

A he cant accept because he will loose his job that funds his delusional lies

Said the white Helmet/ISIS fanboy who loved their staged chemical attacks in Syria which was funded by the US government who lie, cheat and steal.

@ZONE13 Abdulla Khan? Is that you?

@Apronia Tinarwo { Why Saudi Arabia doesn’t have churches?
} Is this a joke ? This information is publicly available. Saudi Arabia is a theocratic government and not secular. Saudi Arabia is public about their government. I hope you know the difference between secular government and theocratic government. In secular government there is freedom of religion while in theocratic government there is the state religion. I hope this helps.

This 6 minutes i long enough to understand . And the question was also clear

@Sp3ll633 why hide the video. Are you afraid?

If Islam is religion of peace why no churches in Saudi Arabia…?

@Apronia Tinarwo can y answer me why no mosque in Vatican city.

Same question to Islam. What happened to all of the people before Islam came? :wink: