Did the Obama Administration Censor French President Hollande? (David Wood)

Recently, President Obama met with French President François Hollande to discuss matters of international security. When footage posted on the White House website was discovered to be missing portions of Hollande’s audio, the White House replied that a technical problem had led to the gap in audio. However, a closer examination of the footage shows that the audio footage was not accidentally missing and then restored; instead, it was deliberately removed and then replaced when the censorship was exposed. David Wood discusses the evidence.

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Remember Richard Nixon’s audio technical issues?

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Hi brother David, the media, the bureaucracy, and even the administration may be against us… but the Lord Jesus is with us… it’s HIS promise… keep going… the final victory is ours… may Lord Jesus bless you…

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It is true that we should support the freedom of speech. But then when I think about it again, they might be trying to prevent World War 3 with their political correctness.

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