Discussing Quran Desecration, Muhammad Cartoons, and Free Speech with a Muslim (8:00pm ET)

Tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), David Wood will discuss Quran desecration, Muhammad cartoons, and freedom of speech with Dustin, a young man who converted to Islam.

You can visit Dustin’s channel here: - YouTube

Dustin if you somehow someway see this I want you to know that anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can tell you are a righteous young man.
God is absolute Truth. So long as you maintain your humility and never stop seeking the Truth you will find the one true God and He will then reveal all Truth to you. Never stop seeking Truth. Happy hunting my brother. Peace, love, and blessings to you :pray:

Hm, video is private by now.
Is his channel still up or what happened?

I would recommend this revert to watch 50 reasons why Muhammed is not a prophet by David Wood or 10 verses understanding Isis,or the white prophet who had slaves . 72 juicy virgins by Apostate prophet or 5 minutes history on Islam by Brigette Gabriel…or 43 mistakes in Koran.

“I wouldn’t throw my kid in front of a bus to save him, I’d throw myself in front of the bus.” That’s literally the message of the gospel! God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. God took on flesh to endure torture and death on OUR behalf!

Yo David, what would be Dustin’s channel name?
The link you’ve provided no longer refers to his channel it says it’s unavailable/private.

Thank you Dustin for your unbiased search for the truth and thank you David for letting Dustin speak. First, i must tell that the true Christian Faith rest not only on Scriptures but also on the oral traditions coming from the apostles. All true Christians share the same doctrinal basis as defined in the Creed of the Councils of Nicaea Constantinople. In that Creed, there is only One God: the Father! The Son was engendered by the Father and the Holy Spirit proceed from the Father. In other words the Holy Trinity is only One God … not 3 Gods as believed by David and all the roman catholic Church.

The problem came from the sons of the Serpent (gnostics) who seems to have created the Greek word «homoousios». This word can be interpreted as «same being», but it was strictly interpreted as «same substance» by the gnostics. And when the roman Church translated the Creed in latin, they translated the «Son being of the same substance» of the Father instead of the «same Being». This is how the Most High became a substance instead of a Being. So Mohammed was right when saying that the Christians have modified the true Faith, but God never permitted that they change the Scriptures and the oral Traditions of the apostles.

Nestorius was wrongly condemned as an heretic at the council of Ephesus in 431 AD and he then exiled to Petra/Mecca. His Faith was the same as the Antiochians and the Church of Persia, so they all separated from the Roman Church. And they most likely believed that the Roman Church had modified the True Faith. In the second half of the 6th century, they became conscious of the tri-theistic heresy (3 Beings/Gods in Only One) and they fought against it.

They were most likely joined by the Jews. This explains the coming of Mohammed. The assumed pagans statues and icons in Petra/Mecca were most probably a Christian temple.
Love in Christ, through Mary,
Marc Veilleux
P.S. The reason Jesus did not stress about Being God, is that He wants to be worship in Spirit and in Truth. He doesn’t want His physical image (Jesus) to be worshipped. It’s like a beautiful and virtuous girl who wants to be loved more for her soul than for her looks. Unfortunately we …

This is very interesting in the light of recent events. I wonder what this guy thinks today?

I’m very much surprised by the comments section to this video. Calling this man’s faith garbage and saying he needs must be converted to Christianity is entirely missing the point. We should be glad that someone so well reasoned, liberal and earnest is a Muslim. I know I am.

Freedom of speech can lead to violence from the weak minded… that’s more accurate…!!!

Comparing the Lord Jesus to Mohamed is like comparing God to the worst criminal. The super holy, kind, sacrificial, loving, prophesying, miraculous, salvific, powerful God versus murderous, plunderous, lying, thieving, womanising, paedophilic, epileptic egomaniac who claimed to be a prophet but unable to prophecy. Who would a sane, rational person choose…???

wow Dustin is a fantastic kid. He reminds me of myself when i converted to Islam 8 or so years ago. I think he is a great reminder to David Wood that, Islam HAS merits… if you don’t point out the merits of Islam then you’re doing apologetics a disservice.

I would love to be able to send this guy my Genesis to Revelation notes about the Trinity.

I cannot get past the fact that this potato head literally chose that gay Snapchat woman filter for the display pic used for the thumbnail. He took that photo, didn’t immediately delete it, and thought not only is that a good photo but should be his representation online. It summarises everything about his brain.

Dustin is such a smart guy! As somebody who isn’t really religious, who’s more concerned with human rights, I have my reasons I’m not ok with Islam, and those stem from my concern with human rights. Dustin, I hope you find inner peace brother. Keep seeking knowledge, you’ll find it.

Hey, 2 + 2 = 4, (I punch you in the face) that doesn’t make it less true

Sounds like he jumped into islam without studying first. Apart from that, I’m not sure that he knew much about Christ to start.

so u get another venerable kid to debate. u cross worshipers got no shame no more


I think he is confused as to where his faith should truly be. It’s obvious that his knowledge about the Quran is far less than that of when he was a Christian. He talk very well about dialog and peace, in fact he is committing shirk and by all intents and purposes most muslims would ask for his head. Is he aware that if he were in a sharia/islamic nation or country he would be put to d es athletes by his own faith believing people.