Dismantling the Dawah: LIVE with Bob the Builder (1:00pm ET)

1:14:18 Suffering and persecution doesn’t overwrite blessings. You can suffer and be persecuted and be blessed in many ways at the same time. There’s a big biblical case for blessing and prosperity, probably more than there is for suffering. Either one, is God’s choice. God has called some to be martyred and some to be prosperous, there a balance in the world. It’s like when Jesus told Peter, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” That goes to everyone, what is it to you if God makes some Christians rich and comfortable, but makes you suffer more for His sake. You keep following Him.

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Technically the joy of the Lord is our strength. We can sacrifice with joy; it doesn’t mean to be miserable to sacrifice on behalf of others. He is not an angry hostile God, and it isn’t His will for us to suffer. If it was, He wouldn’t help people in times of need when they ask Him for help. The reason of why there are hard times is because it’s a fallen world; not because God wants us to have difficulties but because of the effects of sinful nature.:revolving_hearts:

If you order a bible at wish you get a quran :joy:

Listening to you guys are placing “ants in my pants” desires to do apologetics/evangelism.

“Dismantling the Dawah” What a pointless effort. Shamsi alone is destroying you pagans. I remember when Bob said that by virtue of the fact that Muslims believe in seeing Allah (on judgement day) this means that Allah is in His creation. The most ridiculous inference that one can draw from this Islamic belief. Pathetic

in the 1940’s, the allies dealt with the Nazis.
An entire generation later, in 2021, we have the privilege of living life without that threat because of the sacrifices the earlier generation made.

radicalism and barbarism will not be defeated militarily. this new war can be won on the educational front or with atomic force.

the internet and these videos on religion are more powerful than drone strikes and b52 bombers.

it may take 200 years, but the fire has already been started and the seeds sown.

the more education, the more personalities, the more truth that gets created online, the brighter the light will shine.

all rational people, no matter your faith, must stand together against any ideologies that deceives and subverts human rights.

We need European Christian nations are rid Europe of Islam and raise an army to free our Christian sisters and brothers world wide and establish Christian nations in Africa, Arabia, East and far East.


So his real name is not Bob…I didn’t know that and I have been listening to him for a few years now…

I’m a “Born Again” Christian…the one that only Jesus Christ calls us to be. :purple_heart:

Bob the builder needs home work🏠


I left Islam in 2009. Didn’t sit very well with my family. It even costed me my marriage and you know what? I DON’T CARE! Jesus will always be my lord and saviour forever and nothing’s going to change that.

When Discussing with Muslims we must not surrender “terms”
The Christian Scriptures are the “Gospel of Jesus”
Meaning the “Good News of Jesus”
This term is used repeatedly in the Christian Scriptures.
When we Preach the Gospel, the Good News, it pertains to all Christian scriptures. So we need to stop saying “bible” or “new testament” or “old” exclusively.

In Mark 1 it refers to “The Gospel” 3 times in the 1st 15 verses.
The Gospel of Jesus
The Gospel of God
The Gospel of the Kingdom

When we speak of the Jewish Scriptures we should say “Torah” generally or if we are Specific “TaNaKh” as Muslims refuse to call the Jews scripture Torah.
They say “old testament” because to them it means something different then the Jews Scripture.

It allows them a escape clause.
John 1:17 Refers to the Jews Scripture as “Torah”

Likewise the Term “Bible”
Applies equally to the Quran as the Torah or Gospel of Jesus.

The Quran IS a collection.
It is a collection of writings.

The Term “Biblos” is used to represent the Hebrew word “Book”
But the Hebrew Word Book, means "scroll, writing, document, bark/parchment.

This applies to the Muslim scriptures as much or more than the Christian or Jewish.

The Quran calls the Jews and Christian Scriptures “Book”
The people of the Book.
The Jews Book is called the Torah.

In Hebrew the first part of s9mething is used to define/identify the whole.
Genesis/ “Beginning”
Exodus/ “The Names”
The first words of Exodus is “The Names”

Likewise the first Word in “TaNaKh” is Torah
The Torah can be used in place or to represent the whole.
As “The Names” is used to represent the Whole of Exodus in Hebrew.

So awesome. Two Legends.
God Continue to bless you.

Great tag team guys.awesome knowledge from two great servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thankyou my brothers.

Hope someday live stream again with Bob the builder, love you both, my favorite people :pray::heart:

It would be awesome to have Bob the builder and CP on the line with David

Muslims becoming atheist instead of Christian is interesting because they should still belive in God but realise muhammad lied about the bible and so accept christianity. Going straight to atheist just makes me feel like they weren’t actual theist in the first place because the logic for the existence of God remains the same.