Disney Reacts to the Gina Carano Backlash

Disney and Lucasfilm canceled Gina Carano (who played Cara Dune in “The Mandalorian”) for an Instagram post in which she claimed that people shouldn’t spread hate over politics (because convincing people to hate their neighbors is the first step in convincing them to kill their neighbors). Following Gina being fired, #CancelDisneyPlus trended on Twitter, and today, Gina is trending as the most popular celebrity on the planet, according to IMDB. Let’s see how Disney reacts to the news.

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This is the way.

OMG this is GENIUS! One of the best Downfall re-scripts I’ve seen. HOW did I miss this for 5/4ths of a YEAR?!

What movie is this from?

Truly AWESOME! (Oops! I won’t get canceled for posting on caps here like on Yahoo, will I?) This is what we need more of! THANK YOU, to whoever made this!

Mrs. Kennedy!

This sound awfully like some prophet and his devoted followers
I don’t wanna name names though :joy::joy::joy:

I’m quite late to the party here. I really enjoyed this video :relaxed:. I had to down vote it though because it looks as though it was stolen from the youtube channel Hitler Rants Parodies without giving them credit. Even if you wrote the dialogue yourself, you almost certainly were influenced by the youtube channel Hitler Rants Parodies. A platform like youtube works best when content creators respect one another, help one another, etc.

Oh the trump supporter… bye :wave:t4:

You know they use Mk ULTRA right?


I think they allow actors to share their thoughts as long as they align with the Left. And if they do not agree, there will be no work for them.

really hammered the point home

what’s the movie title?

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Always amazed about this level of acting.

This channel is a weird mix of not defending Islam debates and just memes