Do Muslims Respect Jesus?

Our Muslim friends often claim that Jesus is highly honored and respected in Islam. But then they tell us that Jesus’ message was corrupted (by Allah himself, along with others), that Jesus’ followers abandoned his teachings, and that we needed Muhammad to come along to accomplish what Jesus couldn’t accomplish. But this means that Jesus didn’t actually accomplish anything that lasted. How can Muslims say they respect Jesus when they portray him as a complete failure?

We are glorifying jesus and waiting for him to come back

This is totally messed up. Jesus is so loved and revered by Muslims. If Jesus’ work was wasted, then you have to ask yourself about that.

In my opinion, Jesus’ work was never wasted. I received his message. Message delivered and mission accomplished. From now on everything is my fault or my success.

We Love Moses(Musa, Peace be upon him)
We Love Jesus(Isha, Peace be upon him)
We Love Hazrat Muhammad(Peace be upon him)

Compare Jesus and Muhammad who do you think is the good role model to follow. I choose Jesus :pray: simple.

As a Jew, I respect Jesus by taking responsibility for my own life as he did, rather than expecting him to take the blame for my sins.

Of course we Muslims love Jesus as a prophet sent by God. Jesus belongs to us Muslims. The answer is very simple. you lost Jesus after you made him a god. He absolves you of what you did to him.

What did Christ achieve in Christianity view ?
Nothing except being a falier God who couldn’t save him self and the people at the same time …
See you can say a stupid things like this you really have a tiny brain to think with

We muslims belive in Jesus more than what did he archive or not
He is the blessed one and the Allah word
We belive he’s not been crucified
And still you lieing by saying we insulting Jesus !

I’m not here to argue if the Islam or Christianity is the real religion

Just stop lieing



Bos ya captain… men el a5er keda… kosomak

I am a Muslim, I Beleive in Jesus as a Prophet of GOD. I don’t even want to hear any bad about Him. Dont spread hate . plz focus on common things.Humans are already divided on the basis of religion .

Mohamed is prophet Jesus is not prophet but Isa is prophet in Al Quran Your religion for you my religion for me

Jesus in Quran eesa alaihissalam the prophet of Allah We respect them as prophet and very soon he comes in world Allah tells in Quran Allah sends eesa alaihissalam in world

We respect Jesus more than Christians

We respect Jesus and we do believe that god will sent him back to lead al the Muslims at the final battle against antichrist … please man read about our religion before starting telling people lays

What a lie to another human being… You will bare witness to your own saying infront of God.

This is a liar. We muslims believe that jesus is one of the mightiest messengers of God. If anyone does not believe in jesus, he is not a muslim.we believe that he was born miraclously, and we believe that he is christ namely Massiah.

I got say… this guy really proved that someone can actually say GOD doesn’t exist…

I real lost some of my brain watching this idiot. .

If a good leader dies… and after his death people change the way they use to be… should we blame the guy or should we blame those people? ?? Is this guy trolling. . What Jesus has to do.with your sins anyway. . And if by your logic we go… then u said he was GOD AND than died… what happened after that… where are his teachings. .