Does Allah Commit Shirk?

According to Muhammad, anyone who swears by something other than Allah is guilty of “shirk” (the unforgivable sin). Yet Allah swears by the sun, the moon, the stars, and literally everything else in the universe. Hence, Allah is guilty of shirk.

Allah Is Fucking Hilarious.
Clearly Muhammad Is Allah In Islam.

wait; and why does it keep on using “I” instead of “We”???

How can you follow a religion where the preachers( like this one) try to belittle other religions(Islam) rather than promoting his own. I know this comment is going to be taken down. All you are doing is creating hate, are you really a man of God?

I mean WOW, How ridiculous can a religion and it’s god be before people LEAVE IT?!

David wood your playing with fire and that’s very dangerous


David wood you clearly are far away from the haqq don’t speak if you don’t know the Quran

I appreciate your videos and exposing Islam. BUT… I am told the things you quoted are from the Hadiths ONLY ( which are not Islamic Holy books ) and not the Quran. Does Allah or Muhammad swear oaths in the Quran ? thank you !

Love the ending
:joy: :joy: :joy:
The Quran the book that just keeps on giving (Dr David great material)

i thoght that the koran was writen after the death of mohamed
How can mohamed swear by the koran if it was writ after his life

:joy::joy::joy: Allah IS Satan and he’s really stupid

So… Allah is the worst of all sinners, the best of all deceivers, and (according to the Bible) the one who sent the anti-Christ?

…Where have I heard of him before…

Your fake. You lost to uthman

ᑎᗩᖇᑕISSISTIᑕ ᗩᒪᒪᗩᕼ :roll_eyes: EᐯEᑎ ᗰY Gᖴ IS ᑎOT ᒪIKE ᕼIᗰ. ᕼE’S SO ᑎᗩᖇᑕISSIST ᗰᗩYᑎ! TᕼE ᖴᑌᑕKIᑎG IᗰᗩGIᑎᗩᖇY IᑎᐯISIᗷᒪE SᕼIT

Astaghfirullah you David wood you committing shirk right now and if you don’t stop you will be doomed in hellfire

Allah is the one and only the irresistible go to surah ghaffir

This is inappropriate Allah subhanahuawa’tala is the true god you cannot question him right now you are disrespecting Allah and Allah will punish you in the hereafter if you don’t stop and Allahs punishment is severe and hard

3:37 / 11 : 39
But allah (swt) is god but it is still quiet confusing

Allah swears by David Wood!