Does Allah Want People to Sin?

According to Muhammad, Allah wants people to sin and threatens us with annihilation if we refuse. Does this sound like the one true God?

Thank you for praising islam , you are great :+1:


You misunderstood the hadith entirely. Watch the video “ignoring reality” on the channel theprophetspath. Christianity also teaches that we can’t be given paradise just by our works, and this hadith follows this concept. We are granted paradise by God’s mercy. How do we earn his mercy? We must be humble and seek repentance and not be an unrepentant sinner. The hadith reassures us that we are flawed, but it’s ok, as long as we are sincere in our repentance when we err, for to err is human, and the hadith emphasizes the divine nature of God’s mercy in forgiving us. If we were free from erring against God, we wouldn’t be human… I notice that Christian videos on Islam tend to vilify and attack Islam in the harshest manner. Islamic videos on Christianity tend to be calm and objective, and explain the logical flaws of the trinity and the lack of accountability that Christianity has, without demonizing Christianity. I wonder why that is.

biggest question what will happen after death?death is the prove.

Not hating on Muslims but I’m just saying that in the bible god doesn’t want you to sin or even need you to and he can’t even look upon sin that’s why Adam and Eve got kicked out the garden. However Satan in the bible wants people to sin and he tempted Adam and Eve to sin and many others throughout history. Allah and Satan have the same characteristics could possible be the same guy. This is in no way Islamaphobic so don’t even pull that card.

Clearly Allah the god of Islam is A crazed maniac

Quran is a doctrine of demons! Its supposed to be confusing and messed up. People who follow it are in darkness. They are lost. We need to pray for them!



u got no life i swear keep reading

just a question . why the man in the video didn’t read Sahih Muslim Book 037, Hadith Number 6620 .!!!

Clearly which is why some are trying blow up people left, right & centre. Dying through suicide means there is no opportunity to seek God’s forgiveness henceforth they book a one-way ticket to hell!

Amazing how they misinterpreted the Holy Bible, by thinking they are "copying it"right. And that is what they were doing; Copying what the Bible says, but they cannot understand it, so they put in what they “think” it says. They don’t realize that man is born in sin, with sin already in his bloodlines.

“the wages of sin are DEATH” (Holy Bible) WAKE UP, know your enemy, come to THE Lord Jesus Christ while you still can! The quran is FALSE TEACHINGS, the muslums are BRAINWASHED and are children of THE beast! RUN AWAY from this, come to Jesus Christ!~Heads UP!

the bible says the wages of all sin is DEATH…sorry allah u looser but im about LIFE, team Jesus 4 life

Where can I find the source for that verse? Sahih Muslim 6921, I type it into google but it doesn’t come up

What really does not make sense to me is a priest which is a forgiver of sins who may commit sins in his lifetime is able to forgive another human being who commit sins! what logic is there as god is the one who judge humans and not humans themselves judging other humans and able to forgive them.

I am not a scholar but jus an average human being searching for truth…if i can understand and what is meant by the hadith of repentance. I do not see why any other human beings could not understand it. If the title of the hadith is titled “Committing sins” and not “Repentance” then i would say i could agree with you… But it states clearly the title repentance. Our Prophet Muhammad said it with confidence as he knows how merciful and complete wisdom Almighty Allah is and is never wrong.

Hhahahaha this proves you did not understand Quran very well sir. Do you even understand what is being said? This hadith is about repentance.
Abu Sirma reported that when the time of the death of Abu Ayyub Ansari drew near, he said: I used to conceal from you a thing which I heard from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Had you not committed sins, Allah would have brought into existence a creation that would have committed sin (and Allah) would have forgiven them. -------This shows the complete wisdom of almighty Allah. The messenger is telling you that Allah knows you are going to do sin due to human’s will to choose. AND IF YOU DO sin he will forgive you if u repent. This shows that Allah knows better of his creation than we humans know about ourselves and THAT IS WHY HE CREATED US HUMANS. IF he created humans without the ability to do sins, IS THERE A NEED FOR REPENTANCE??? BTW this hadith is from The Book Pertaining to Repentance and Exhortation to Repentance (Kitab Al-Tauba)’ of Sahih Muslim. Don’t you see the word TAUBA which means repentance!!
This shows that Almighty ALLAH is complete of wisdom and attributes of a god. That is why you are a human as u dun even understand what and how it is being said and meant by. I clarify this not to hurt anyone from any faith or belief but just to clarify the truth in meaning.