Does Jesus Prophesy the Coming of Muhammad in John 14? Shabir Ally vs. David Wood

According to the Qur’an, both the Torah and the Gospel contain clear prophecies about Muhammad (see Qur’an 7:157). Muslims have had nearly fourteen centuries to find these prophecies, and the most commonly cited New Testament “prophecy” about Muhammad is found in John 14:16, where Jesus declares that the “Comforter” or “Helper” (Greek “paraclete”) will come after him. Even though Jesus specifically identifies the Comforter as the “Spirit of Truth” in the very next verse, Muslims claim that the prophecy refers to Muhammad. But can this passage really be applied to Muhammad? In this video, Shabir Ally and David Wood discuss the evidence. Clips are taken from “Does Muhammad Give Us the Truth about Jesus? (Shabir Ally vs. David Wood).”

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Islam deserves to be ignored. Listening to Muslim arguements can make you lose brain cells

Jesus is Lord.

Sabir bro :sob::sob:

Wood’s statements are directly understandable while Shabir’s statements are ricocheting around just trying to confuse the scripture and hoping he can lead listeners to his idea. Shabir is relying on select Bible verses to redeem Islam, but it will never happen. Never.


In India Christian Pastors make propoganda that Hindu sacred scriptures and even Buddha prophesied about Jesus Christ . Muslims claim that Jesus prophesied Muhammed . All these are baseless and fictious stories being brought into light by the fundamentalists of the two major Abrahamic religions .

Jesus and mahamad has a big difference between like heaven and Earth.

I just watched 5 mins of this and I am a muslim and my girlfriend is catholic and I love both religions. But David saying Jesus is Allah, I wish nothing but luck to you in the afterlife but I fear not even all the luck in the universe will help you then. Allah will forgive ALL sins a human can commit if he/she repents with whole heart but ONE sin will not be forgiven and that is comparing Allah with someone else/worshiping someone else. Peace and love brothers and sisters.

This is one of the worst Muslim debaters ever. How can he build his premises on a corrupt book, quoting the exact words of Jesus which he claims are not Jesus’ words and that they are corrupted. He has lost all relevance to the Quran.

Is Muhammad the Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit is not human kind theologically. How the muslim scholar say the Holy Spirit as Muhammad. The Holy Spirit is God, not Muhammad.

Clean bowled :joy: Muslims dont know wat they themselves r saying.

Both men are so ridiculous with there Bible and Quran. Go find something useful to do with your live instead of playing the last prophet from heaven.

They misinterpreted John 14:16. Unfortunate thoughts.
Or are there other prophecies in the New Testament? Or… are there prophecies of the Prophets in the Old Testament about muhammad? Moses will say NOT. LOL

Muhammad is a pedophile, a killer and a womaniser. He is a devil.

Muhammad is a bloody sinner, how can he be a prophet. He is a pedophile, a killer, a womaniser. Unbelievable!

Shabir was cooked by his own oil about the comforter …if the quran came to correct the bible as muslims claimed,why allah copy the tittle of Jesus in the bible?I AM the FIRST and the LAST?was that sounds correcting or copying?

holy shit… is that a beard or a :broom:? now i know what CP always emphasized about the sheikh.:joy::joy::joy:

I respect the fact that Christians had the balls to upload this on their own channel. Very honorable.

You say Jesus is God, but you can’t explain how can God be crucified or put to death? Is an utter non sense. If God jusus is dead then who is running the world? This means that either Jesus is not God or he is not crucified. Only a common sense is required to invalidate what’s written in today’s engraved bible. Further more please increase your knowledged and read old testament there is no such thing written as a begotten son of God. Jesus was mentioned by son of God in a sense of servant of God. Assume to that if I call you Oh son! thanks so much for bringing water for me to drink. This son doesn’t means that you are my begotten son and I had affair with your Mom. No! Absolutely Not! My son! if you can’t impose this utter non sense on yourself then how can you impose these things on the mother of Jesus? Another common sense question is that why do christians don’t crucify themselves as to follow Jesus Christ ? You believe in something and don’t do it yourself. Think about it why does God need to intercourse with a pious lady to give birth to Jesus? God is so high and he doesn’t need to intercourse. This concept is an insult to God and also to Marry. I mean almost everything is ducked up in Christianity. We don’t need to goto pope or to imam of mosque to understand this shit. Even a child can understand and answer you.