Does Quran 2:79 Claim That the Bible Is Corrupt? Shattering an Islamic Myth

When we ask Muslims to show us where the Quran claims that the Christian scriptures have been corrupted, they turn to Surah 2, verse 79 of the Quran. But does Quran 2:79 actually refer to the corruption of the Bible, the Torah, or the Gospel? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) examines the passage closely and finds dozens of problems with the Muslim distortion of this verse.

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For you European viewers who always complain that our livestreams are in the middle of the night, I’ll be going LIVE with Sam Shamoun at 4:00pm (Eastern Time), exposing Adnan Rashid’s latest video and proving that the author of the Quran was completely clueless about the Bible. Here’s the link: - YouTube


The revelations were giving directly by Allah

Bro what the heck Quran dont have a author

Why would the quran need to say that the bible is corrupted when it’s self evident without the need for the quran to affirm it? You can look at your own ‘bibles’ authors and figure out it’s not the word of god from both a theological, historical and literal perspective. Anyway it’s nice to see you applying the muslim respect for it’s messengers by saying ‘Jesus peace be upon him’ which I’ve never heard a christian say before. If there’s one thing islam has taught you is to respect gods prophets. Alhumdulillah for islam

Thank you David. Before watching this video i was a muslim. And after watching it i am still a muslim. Thank you.

you guys actually believe this bozo

If it isn’t corrupted then why do you find contradictions in the Bible? :rofl:

I just got captured by the title and got to see what into it. I can give an answer for your questions easily but the problem is that your videos always have these flashing titles but actually you are asking a & b questions. It’s really funny that you think muslims doesn’t know the answers. We are the most questioners people you can meet actually that’s an order in the quran to think and use our mind and ask questions. So basically you not finding the answers means that you didn’t seek for it. But the point here you are not seeking answers for your questions you are just preaching and giving your own ideas and you always use these ‘muslims say’ , ‘muslims answer me’ and you give a completely non sense answer lol. why don’t you use a reference and give it and name the scholar you got that answer from so your word will have some weight. For being a muslims more than 21 years questioning around I’ve never got these answers that you get like where the heck are you searching man?! Why do I get better and more logical answers for every question you have? Instead of ‘you seeking the answers’ by your own get those questions and go to some scholars and have a discussion with them and shoot it.

Oh wow whoever said that the WHOLE bible is corrupt is quite… eccentric, and for that I will apologize on the behalf of these people,

Hello I’m a Muslim and I’ll be glad to correct some of these trolls who loves to make a mockery of that one video about the “i will convert if muslim can answer this question” video

in my teaching, the other holy scriptures are actually the predecessor before the Qur’an, which then makes the bible, the old testament, gospel, etc etc valid at that point in time,

however, as time goes on, the bible keeps on changing and changing that Islamic people starts to call it “corrupted”, this is because well~ the argument is that the Qur’an has never been changed since day one which makes it authentic up to this day, (until we start talking about translations for other countries, which needs an expert interpreter for the Qur’an that hopefully does the right job at hand.)

this causes the huge argument between us, and I’m kinda not on both sides about it,

these… people you’ve been meeting on the comment section, unfortunately-- are the quote-on-quote “bad people” who you keep meeting on the internet, which says a lot because you know “don’t trust everyone on the internet”, but then again I’m in the internet so I’m still liable with that rule as well lmao.

these people that exists broadly in every religion that gatekeeps and or be the loudest while being the dumbest at the same time are one of the most prideful and delusional people out there, I am not sure why they are the ones who loves to represent and start to nitpick verses when they don’t know for sure what they mean, while also making the mockery out of you, I’m actually kinda intrigued with your videos as well

To be honest I’m still a bit mad because of the sarcasm here and there but eh~ emotions, humans be humans

and also if you’re willing to, would you please kindly accept my apology for these bad excuses of Muslims here and there including me? I’d be so happy if you would

  1. Islam need to belief in God (Allah)
  2. Islam need to belief in Angels
  3. Islam need to belief in 4 Books of Allah ( that you mention ) in my language ( al quran,taurat,injil,zabur )
  4. Islam need to belief in Nabi and rasool( or you can say a messenger of God ) include Jesus PBUH
  5. Islam need to belief in yaumil qiyamah ( or you can say the judgment day )
  6. Islam need to Belief in Qada and Qadar ( i dont want to explain this, you need to believe in 1-5 first then you will know the 6 )

This is 6 pilar of faith

So in the end we believe, thats why you tell us all of this its makes our iman more strong to islam ( iman means belief )

I just laughed that you all dont get it when muslim say that they more strong watching your vids, but heres why, and keep doing it brother.

May Allah give you a way of truth

I am a Christian. Bibles like the NIV have notes at the bottom of every page of the NT showing alterations in the NT. Please, compare those alterations with the KJV. Why should you be more concerned with the corruption of Islam than you are about the corruption within the modern lukewarm churches, which have lukewarm Bibles?

Are you blaming quran for nothing bro

26 reasons you shouldn’t listen to him

As a Christian from Turkey, I appreciate your videos! Thank you for telling it like it is and keep up the good work mate

hi, im glad you asked this question, although im not an Islamic scholar but im able to answer this question. Quran and hadith both are the primary sources of Islamic religion and its teaching, Hadith supports the Quran. Prophet said, ‘O the group of Muslims! How can you ask the people of the Scriptures about anything while your Book which Allah has revealed to your Prophet contains the most recent news from Allah and is pure and not distorted? Allah has told you that the people of the Scriptures have changed some of Allah’s Books and distorted it and wrote something with their own hands and said, ‘This is from Allah, so as to have a minor gain for it. Won’t the knowledge that has come to you stop you from asking them? No, by Allah, we have never seen a man from them asking you about that (the Qur’an ) which has been revealed to you.’ [al Bukhari] This is authentic Hadith-Nabwi (which means it was revealed to Allah by prophet but not written in the Quran) as Prophet (saw) says, “Allah has told…” Hence, this means that the previous scriptures HAVE been corrupted.

and if you still don’t believe that the bible has been corrupted you should check out the 293872398 different versions of bible.

Somebody thinking that the Jews as a people universally participate in a singular giant conspiracy wouldn’t put them in the best of company historically. Seems to me there was an insecure Austrian man with a funny little mustache that believed that once. He is not well remembered.

I was Christian but i realised that most of the stories in the bible were incomplete so i started to ask questions, questions that is islam fulfilled. And i know all Christian have questions too. Know that on both sides deceit has been said to be a sign of the end times. Make sure you aren’t not being misled, but above all make sure that you are not the ont misleading for the punishment is greater. God is one,the one that made me and anything that says otherwise is corruptive. Islam is perfect…Islam is perfect…

Can You Explain Me Why Allah Sent Another Book, If Gospel Was Correct And Never Corrupted?