Does the Quran Allow Marriage to Children? (SPOILER ALERT: YES!)

After I posted last nights video on Muhammad proposing marriage to a baby, a Muslim in the comments section challenged me to provide a single Quran verse where Allah allows men to marry children. This video is my response to his challenge. Does the Quran allow child-marriage? Absolutely.

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Sickening. Why are they so obsessed with the cycles?

By the way all - did the guy convert?? hahahhaa - he probably ran off into the desert.

And we’re proud of that

Hi Mr. David Wood! Where did you find that version of translation (2:228)? Online quran translations are sanitized.

David Wood, HELP… I’m trying to find where I saw you reference a verse where Muhammad says that it is a fathers right to find pleasure between the thighs if his daughter. I can’t find the video where you said that, or the reference when I search for it myself. If I’m not imagining that memory, pleased help me in locating that passage. Thanks!

When someone said

"Please read more Quran, or You need to learn more. "

Dude, David Wood maybe read Quran more than most of Muslim in the World.

So instead of the waiting period,can’t they just do pregnancy test??.. another sign that that knowledge wasn’t envisioned

Some historians accounts state that at the time of her betrothal to Joseph, Mary was 11 years old, and he was 90 years old, According to ancient Jewish custom, Mary could have been betrothed at about 11.

Hyppolitus of Thebes says that Mary lived for 11 years after the passing of her son Jesus at the age of 33, Mary Died in 41 or 44 AD between the ages of 51 to 56

Most likely Mary had Jesus at the age of 11 - 13 years old.

According to Truth or tradition website

If God making a 15 year old pregnant to birth a messiah is not child abuse, then yall have double standards at best.

Honestly I feel like an all seeing God would be able to forsee this question and just say to wait tree months for divorce, because that seems to be the end result of this and people 2000 years later would be able to deny child marriage later.

David well done, keep up the good work brother. David is there an organization that people can donate to, that will put an end to children being married or pedophilia???

Mohammed. Roday is your lucky day!

i debated a follower of islam on this topic the other day, and their primary argument was defending p*dophilia…
what is this world coming to…

This is so sick children marriage

It doesn’t say that in the Quran I read, but of course it can be altered by anyone. It also doesn’t say anywhere the age of the woman married in any hadith claimed authentic. Please everyone use common sense, there are so many lies we don’t believe why do we bash the Prophets name and defend the lie made against him.

More difficult to re arrange my sock drawer :smile:

@DavidWood - It is narrated that small girls in Islam go through a process where eggs are utilized to make them ready for any man. In that process, those small girls are served to giant men after eggs test. If egg breaks, it’s a fail. After eggs test, knives are said to be placed underneath girls backs in face up position to enforce balancing of giant men during intercourse. That is probably why Dr Zakir Naik is confident that a 6/9 years old Aisha was ready for Muhammed (Ask him…). It further appears that’s why virgins are promised in heaven to Jihadists coz there aren’t virgins in true Muslim world since their virginity is broken during that traditional practice. Those who fail or reveal the test/practice are dealt with (beheaded)… it is narrated that bodies of the “failures” are not revealed to the public with remarks…they didn’t make it!!!

Has anyone ever heard of/experienced this??? If this is tired isn’t this Satanic???

the time (3 month) described here isnt for divorcing a woman… is for marrying a women who is divorced by another man…one should wait for this time after a woman’s divorce before marrying her…