Does the Quran Promote Pedophilia? Mohammed Hijab Says "Yes!"

Does the Quran promote pedophilia? According to Mohammed Hijab, Surah 65, Verse 4 of the Quran does indeed promote sex with children. Hijab believes that one can only conclude that pedophilia is immoral by going to the Sunnah of Muhammad (who, by the way, married a six-year-old girl and had sex with her when she was nine years old). Is Hijab right? David Wood discusses the disturbing issue.

To watch Hijab’s full video (“The Extreme Consequences of Believing Quran Only”), click here: The Extreme Consequences of Believing Quran Only. - YouTube

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Do you agree with Mohammed Hijab that the Quran promotes pedophilia? Why or why not?

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Is Mohammed Hijab secretly trying to destroy Islam form within, ? I don’t think so, but I think that is the effect he is having.

Mohammed Hijab seems wish he could take anti- Muslim women, as war booty in battle and treat them as sex slaves.

Shame on you David Wood
How dare you insult our Prophet PBUH and ALLAH Subhaanahu ta’ala who has instructed the Prophet PBUH to marry Aisha r.a.

I just love the way you use the name of Islam and criticize it to get views :blush::heart::joy::rofl:

Yes it is pedohilia and it is unaceptable even in that time.

U just say things and don’t know nothing of history

Shocking! What creeps!

My God … Is all this true ?
Its written in the Quran???
Sounds like a book straight out of the depth of Hell…
Thank you for this, my cousin was considering converting to Islam, Thank God I stumbled upon this…

hoooooooooooooly shit!

:skull: this verse is literally about women in menopause…and pregnant women…not children. Well specifically about consumption after divorce.
Aisha is also proven to be an adult by the time of marriage lmao.

This is the issue with Muslims who interpret the Quran as they like without proper research and also the issue with non Muslims who interpret it as they like.

These ppl are not actual scholars. The Arabic of the Quran is incredibly difficult even for natives so you have to have YEARS of experience and education to be qualified enough.

But some ppl just put on a camera and talk as if they know anything and that applies for Muslims too.

Pedophilia is a crime with a harsher punishment than we have here some sources say castration and others say stoning to death or simply death.
Well deserved I’d say.
You are not qualified to interpret any of this and neither are random Muslims who turn a camera on or call themselves sheikhs without proper education.

Let’s use good sources bro, your English teachers would be disappointed in u rn. Check ur sources…you didn’t even mention the different sects…:expressionless:

And btw the Arabic version of this doesn’t even mention young :skull:

David, if you think marrying a younger girl legally is a problem then plz interpret these verses of Bible that you consider the Word of God, for a Muslim like myself, as well as for your Christian followers. “That night they got their father (LOT) drunk with wine, the older daughter slept with him. The next day the older daughter Said to younger, Last night I slept with my father, tonight you go sleep with him, so that we can preserve our family” (Genesis 19:33-35). In an other verse, “LOT said to crowd of people, look I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you & you can do whatever you like with them” (Genesis 19:8). I am sure you Christians practice this Bible’s verses and sleep with your own daughters, offer your daughters to your neighbors claiming falsely that they are still virgin just like LOT. Don’t even get me started on Bible verses about Prophet David having sex with his staff’s pretty wife when he saw her bathing (2 Samuel 11:2). You Christians call this word of God ?

well said david we love you

There are no Muslim theologians in modern times who say it is permissible to marry or have sex with girls before puberty. You are the only one who says but in
Islamic law states that when a girl is married, she must be ready for marriage and she must not be forced marry

Why don’t my Muslim friends offer their 6 year old daughters to Mo ……

I saw an article about a little girl who was raped and dumped on the street. Her parents found her later and she was discovered in a dumpster. Beaten and shot. She was 6

in kerala India lots of muslims are leaving islam because the christian apologist is exposing the truth written in quran and hadith

Pedophile for fucking a child and pedocrimminel because he authorized it to his companions…