Does the Quran REALLY Say That Stars Are Missiles?

Early this morning, a young Muslim woman challenged me to prove that the Quran really claims that stars are missiles that Allah uses to shoot demons. This video answers that challenge.

Link to “Science and Islam: A Reply to ‘1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets’”: - YouTube

Relevant Quran Verses:

“And verily We have beautified the world’s heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame.” (Quran 67:5)

“Verily! We have adorned the near heaven with the stars (for beauty). And to guard against every rebellious devil. They cannot listen to the higher group (angels) for they are pelted from every side. Outcast, and theirs is a constant (or painful) torment. Except such as snatch away something by stealing and they are pursued by a flaming fire of piercing brightness.” (Quran 37:6-10)

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And here’s why ALL scientific arguments for the Quran FAIL: - YouTube

To muslim
Check hadith on the size angels, created by Allah. Their size could tells you how big they are and with the given size, they traveling faster from earth to 7th heaven.
There are angels been created bigger than stars. May be, comparing the stars to them, it was just like comparing your size with the size of apple.
We know devil was once leaving among the angels before and God created devil about the size of angel. They do travel lightning fast like an angel. They able to transform their body structure to bigger size for them to travel from earth to heaven and thats why there are stars created like missiles to prevent devils from reaching the heaven and there are stars god created to decorate the sky.

The great size of Jibreel The Messenger of Allah saw Jibreel twice in the angelic form in which Allah created him. These two occasions are mentioned in the verse (which means): “And he [i.e. Muhammad] has already seen him [i.e. Jibreel] in the clear horizon.” [Quran 81:23] And the verse (which means): “And he certainly saw him in another descent. At the Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundary. Near it is the Garden of Refuge [i.e. Paradise].” [Quran 53:13-15] That was when he was taken up to the highest heaven during his miraculous ascension to heaven. It is narrated that Aa'ishah said: "I asked the Messenger of Allah about these two verses. He said, "That is Jibreel; I never saw him in the form in which Allah created him except on these two occasions. I saw him descending from the heavens, with his huge size filling the horizon between the heaven and the earth." [Muslim] Aa’ishah was asked about the verse (which means): “Then he [Jibreel] approached and descended.” [Quran 53:8] She said, “That is Jibreel. He used to come to him (the Prophet ) in human form, but on this occasion he came in his real form, and he filled the horizons of the sky.” [Muslim] It is narrated that 'Abdullaah Ibn Mas’ood said: “Muhammad saw Jibreel with six hundred wings.”[Al-Bukhari] He (Ibn Mas’ood) said concerning the verse (which means): {He certainly saw of the greatest signs of his Lord.} [Quran 53:18] “This means green cushions, filling the horizons.”[Al-Bukhari] These cushions that filled the horizons were what Jibreel was seated upon. Ibn Mas’ood also said, “The Prophet of Allah saw Jibreel with his own eyes, on a cushion which filled the space between heaven and earth.” 'Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood said: “The Messenger of Allah saw Jibreel in his true form. He had six hundred wings, each of which filled the horizon, and there were multi-coloured pearls and rubies falling from his wings.” [Ahmad] Almighty Allah Says, describing Jibreel (what means): “…Indeed, it [i.e. the Quran] is a word [conveyed by] a noble messenger [i.e. Jibreel]. [Who is] possessed of power and with the Owner of the Throne, secure [in position]. Obeyed there [in the heavens] and trustworthy.”[Quran 81:19-21]

Uh oh, Hayam! You just Double-Dizzle-Dared!

May Allah have mercy upon you my man

Lucifer is our God :pray:

too bad people believe with ignorance…

It appears many muslims do not even read or understand the quran. They only recite it without understanding it.

well some stars explode

Islam =Charlie hebdo cartoons

Pyu pyu! Another one bites the dust!
Nuff Said!

How then can we predict meteor showers and shooting stars with so much accuracy? Are we able to tell when demons are trying to sneak up on allah?

Satan’s official religion asking for proofs from David.:joy::joy::joy:

Muslim standard operating procedure is to say the opposite of the facts again and again and again. Kinda like Trumpists.

God bless you and your family David Wood. And God bless all my brothers and sisters who worship the true Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessings from Australia.

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you”.

  • James 4:8

The Quran has got to be the greatest joke book of all time… Thanks for the laughs Muhummad, you funny little guy.

Ignorant imams duping the ignorant sheep. Call them home David!

She had her question answers and realising she had been lied to by islam she then repented and turned her back on Islam and became a Christian. We all know the sad reality.


There is big difference between stars and nujum ,stars are celestial bodies and are modern scientific words.
Whereas nujum means every brightening object in the sky when Allah says we have made three types of nujum
1)fixed lamps
2) shooting lamps
3)for travellers
It’s same as saying there are three bright objects in the skies 1) stars 2) meteors 3)planets used by travellers
I don’t find any scientific committee ntradiction in saying that infarct my school book state heavenly objects like that only…lol