Double Standards and False Tolerance

All genuine hate speech should be condemned. When we lower our standards for certain groups, we are not treating them as equals.

amazingly true // but why I couldn`t watch it before…???

This is my favorite video of David and Nabeel

loool why havent i seen this video before

Good hahahaha. So sad it true!

Why doesn’t this have more views. Share this more. Repost this,reshare this. Re upload this to YouTube. Get this truth out about the double standard. Great video David Wood. :+1:

Hilarious!! :joy:

Great video!

hahaha 3:19

hahaha nabeels “Yeah i dont like his face” haha that was a sure poke at david wood

Where are their Oscars?

the “pastor”'s hateful utterance are actually Quranic verses and in the hadiths

I like when Nabeel says “I don’t like his face” LOL

@Acts17Apologetics You are a genius!!

Awesome! Way too genius.


“My feelings are very hurt…” reminded me of Kung Pow lol
Well done :wink:


I laughed so hard! Spot on! Haha people need to see this to see the not only the difference in the hypocrisy on how the msg is received in the Western countries but also it shows the difference the difference in the msg being taught

David I had a Muslim woman swear to me ISIS were heretics and (from watching your videos) proved to her they were not.