Douglas Murray Blasts SJW Hypocrisy

In a recent interview on the John Anderson program “Conversations,” British author and journalist Douglas Murray discussed the hypocrisy of social justice warriors. Why are SJWs, feminists, various activists, etc., quick to target Christian businesses (such as Chick-fil-A), but slow to condemn atrocities in other cultures? Murray suggests that they’re simply cowards.

Full interview (“Conversations: Featuring Douglas Murray”): The Madness of Crowds | Douglas Murray - YouTube

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Social justice wankers

Love to see them protest islam…

There is no better explanation than cowardice. May the Lord continue to whet the whistle of your wonderful wit as He did with the prophet Elijah before the prophets of Baal (“Cry aloud, for he [Baal] is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself…”) 1 Kings 18:27

They used to say “live and let live” (you know they did, you know they did, you know they did!).

I think deep down it’s about ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Their most hated common enemy is Christianity.

Because they are controlled by Satan

Leftist and liberals says the same thing here when we question abt islamic country!

Most of them are just ideological parasites, they want to feel that in group praise and boast it on social media. If social media didn’t exist 90% of the activists wouldn’t either, not because they’d lack an outlet for a voice but because they couldn’t laud it over others in a sense of moral grandstanding.

I have former friends and associates (mostly women) who post all kinds of SJW nonsense on FB and I know full well that they partook in events and mocking dialogue ranging from making fun of fat people, mocking flamboyant homosexuals, being intentionally cruel/mean to those they disliked for minor reasons, intentionally not dating outside of their race due to family pressure and never once in the entire time that I knew from a young age until their mid 20s ever bothered to even glance at a history, political science or activist literature to gain a better sense of understanding. I was the political science obsessed “weirdo” who always brought these things up in class, wore the shirts, was part of the groups and liked to give a nuanced perspective on things. I have thousands of dollars worth of books in my own personal library surrounding the aforementioned subjects and suddenly these people who recently got a twitter account are trying to chastise me for my “lack of understanding” and quickly call me bigot even though I don’t meet any of the criteria.

It’s all theatre and moral grandstanding. The second any of this becomes unfashionable they will drop the issues faster than Saudis drop people off of buildings

Bullies target people they perceive to be weak. They see a crazy looking person and they run away looking for an easy target.

Well David, what you say is so simple and logical, I wonder why I never thought of this before. I most be lazy and and want to avoid the mess. You make it sound fun.

Some fair points in this video but I’ll add that I struggle to take American Christians seriously when they start spouting that “let’s all get along” nonsense. It wasn’t until very recently that American Christians were more than happy to use the violent power of the state to enforce their views on everyone else. In the beginning, being gay could get you jailed or executed, and when Christians couldn’t get that done anymore, they still used their political influence to the extent to enforce any imaginable legal discrimination against gay people, whether it be adoption, healthcare or indeed marriage.

Marriage equality is a perfect example of that type of hypocrisy. Christians claimed, and still do, that forcing them to pay taxes in a country where gay men and women can legally get married violates their freedom of association. But if that’s the case, surely forcing gay men and women to pay taxes in a country where they can’t legally get married is an equal or indeed much graver violence of their freedom of association?

There are only two options here. Either the state has no say in who gets married and who doesn’t or the very concept of marriage needs to made into a strictly private matter with no associated legal protections.

For that matter, why should gay folks have to pay taxes in a country where religious institutions are tax-exempt?

That chicken nugget thing was dumb, but let’s change the scenario a little bit. Let’s say the restaurant outright refused to serve gay people. Well, that’s fine you might say, and alright, let’s say it is, but then it most also be fun to refuse to serve a black couple, or a Christian couple, or indeed a Muslim or Jewish family.

But that would be illegal since the civil rights act protects religious folks, black folks, and women against discrimination. So if think that a restaurant or a bakery ought to have the right to refuse service to gay people, you ought to also want to repeal the civil rights act, or at the very least, disagree vehemently with it. Anything else would be blatant hypocrisy.

Correct me if I’m wrong but rarely do the people who loudly defend any and all type of discrimination against gay folks, whether it be trivial in the case of a wedding cake or vital in the case of healthcare, criticize the civil rights act. Nor would they ever say that denying, let’s say, a black woman medical treatment on the bases of their race would be ethical. But when you introduce “gay” into the mix, their moral operating system shuts down.

For a simple example, let’s just take Jordan Peterson, a fairly moderate and reasonable defender of free speech. When asked if a bakery should have the right to refuse a gay couple, he said that they of course should have that right, but he didn’t think that a restaurant should have the right to refuse a black couple. Isn’t that massively hypocritical?

Douglas Murray is a class conservative speaker. And he’s often right, and I agree with his theory.

They don’t TRULY care about their cause. Their carnal fleshly nature has a hatred for the one true God and his Son Jesus Christ. That’s why they can’t stop going after Christians. Because they haven’t been born again and their hearts are still and war with God, that stirs up a hatred for Christ, His Church and anyone associated with Him in any way. They don’t hate Muhammad, they don’t hate Buddha, they don’t hate Confucius, but say the name Jesus Christ and they become ENRAGED. It’s a spiritual thing. Their hearts and their spirits recognize that Christ is the True God but they haven’t been born again and changed by the Holy Spirit so their heart still hates Christ.they don’t hate the others because there is no power behind the name of Muhammad or Buddha or Confucius because they are false. Me hatred only arises over Christ that is because inside whether they consciously know or not their hearts know that Christ is the true God that is why I only Christ’s name causes that hatred to rise up.

Another explanation is that Christianity is often hated among many of these groups. And by criticising other cultures or religions you indirectly give Christianity a higher position.

“Unlike other atheists Douglass Murray admits christianity has shaped western society” as an atheist I say the modern west is great because it went away from religion. Pre french revolution Europe was bad because of religiosity

Eye opener tbh

Western Liberals are hypocrits who do not have the courage to take on discrimination in Islamic countries