Dozens Killed as Jihadis Target Students in Kabul Terrorist Attacks

The Islamic State has carried out two major terrorist attacks targeting students in Kabul, Afghanistan, in just the past two weeks. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the NPR article quoted in this video (“At Least 19 People Are Killed In Attack On Kabul University”), click here: At Least 19 People Are Killed In Attack On Kabul University : NPR

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Jesus said in the garden of Gethsemane, “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

In those words, He ended ALL violence and conquest in the path of God— forever and ever.

And His Kngdom will have no end.

Islam is a negation of this teaching of Christ—and no one suffers more for it than the Muslims.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

All other ground is sinking sand.


I can feel the peace!

And muslims clain that Islam is of God, the same God that clearly commanded people to not kill others. 1400 years of inbreeding with 1st cousins, something has to give.

My boyfriend is a Muslim but he is not religious. He also thinks Christians & Muslims worship the same God. I love him & have tried sharing the Gospel to him. Please help me pray for him. :pray:t3:

This video is a very strong argument that “Islam is a really bad idea” thanks so much God Bless you David

There are many violation and attacks in islamic countries like that… You knew only a few by media… islamic terror continues to kill people no matter who they were or belief… İn middle east there’s no peace… Brutality and deaths are everywhere…


Lets just agree, that they are a huge bunch of disgusting killers, no matter how many times they claim to have a peacefull religion, its a religion build on hate and disrespecting other sane peoples gods, I am ateist, so I dont care if they criticise the B S whatever it is, but its bad.

Atheist is best

Meanwhile: I am told to love my enemy. Damn! :rofl::rofl:

Why kill intellectuals? What a peaceful act.

If Jihadis get their way they will kill each other too and Last Jihadi after ending all life on planet (including animals and birds after raping them) will still not get satisfied as blood lust is engraved deep inside him and will ultimately murder himself (not commit suicide, but will literally will murder himself) to fulfill that blood lust on name of Moh-Mad screaming what ever they scream. (I don’t even want to write those pathetic words)

Killing for your religion

You have to take care from the new Obama dam era

How do we respond to the murders, deaths and the intimidation by Muslims? We respond by presenting truth and facts and being outrageous in our approach to Islam. In other words, be creative and write songs about Muhammad draw pictures of Muhammad write articles and develop book series about the false prophet and develop documentaries and films about Islam and the false prophet. Lastly support all apologist who are on the front lines before us.


:+1::clap::muscle::dove::latin_cross::candle: :innocent: :gem: :rainbow: Hallelu YAH! Thank you, David.

Where are the captions?

YouTube disabled captions

They have too many extremists