Dr. Michael Brown DESTROYS Nadir Ahmed on Muhammad in the Bible!

Recently, following a livestream with Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. David Wood on Muhammad in the Bible, a Muslim organization (“Mercy for Mankind”) contacted Ask Dr. Brown to arrange a discussion about Muhammad in Deuteronomy 18, where Muslims believe that the Old Testament prophesies the coming of Muhammad (a “prophet like Moses”). The Muslim organization put forward Nadir Ahmed as their champion, who would challenge Dr. Browns claims about Deuteronomy 18. How does a common Muslim argument stand up to scrutiny against a Jewish-Christian scholar who knows Hebrew? Find out in “Dr. Michael Brown Destroys Nadir Ahmed on Muhammad in the Bible!”

Michael Brown’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AskDrBrownVideos
Original video: Is Muhammad Prophesied in Deuteronomy 18? Dr. Brown vs. Nadir Ahmed - YouTube

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Nadir has failed as an apologist.

Nadir Ahmed is a strong persistence evil’s son. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Damm this old Abdul keep touching his glasses n his eyes looking huge n trying to be important when he is a nobody is embarrassing. Evilam false n false God. Thankyou bro brown


What can Islam or what is the message of the Islam

Sad he’s letting Islam down

All this guy knows

Warrior Pr.

Jesus as Messiah returns in Daniel 7:13-14 as “given dominion
and glory and a kingdom”,…

This was a duel, and Dr. Brown didn’t count and measure his blows, he struck as he could, and it was very effective.
Don’t let these scam artists sell their lie, grill them on it.

To compare this pagan prophet mohammad to Moses is an INSULT. But this deciever blesphemed Lord Jesus, by comparing this filthy false prophet mohammad to our Holy Lord Jesus.
Woooow Nadir the TAQIYA MASTER IN ACTION. What a Liar like Allah(satan)

There are no proof mohammad is from Ishmaelites.
A scholar of Islam, Dr Yasir Qhadi said, " IT IS A MYTH, MOHAMMAD WAS FROM ISHMAELITES. Mohammad has “NO” family tree in existence.
Thank you for this debate brother. You are exposing this Kufir with his TAQIYA games.
The brother is actually giving him Hebrew Bible, yet he denies it. Wooooow how decieving.

God SEPERATED Ishmael from Isaac. By the time Jacob was born and became the father of the 12 tribes in Egypt, Ishmael and his descendants are nowhere around. When God delivered the 12 tribes of Israel from Egypt there was just Israel and Moses. So when God /Moses said He will raise up someone like Moses from among Israel, He Was referring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Bereshis) Genesis 17:19-21 And Elohim said, Sarah thy isha shall bear thee ben indeed; and thou shalt call shmo Yitzchak; and I will establish My Brit (covenant) with him for a Brit Olam, and with his zera after him.And as for Yishmael, I have heard thee; hinei, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve nasi’im (princes, rulers) shall he father, and I will make him a goy gadol (great nation).But My Brit (covenant) will I establish with Yitzchak, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at mo’ed hazeh (this set time) next year.

This is the Torah, the Word of God and God says the COVENANT is with Isaac NOT Ishmael, therefore no descendant of Ishmael is qualified to be the Messianic Prophet.

Nadir always saying “we’ll get there” but never got there himself🙄

Nadir Ahmed is not a Bible expert, he doesn’t know the Bible at all. He is a fraud.

I’m sorry but this guy Nadir is condescending and is basically calling this doctor he’s a lier. He’s not debating he’s spewing and not listening. He always picks one thing the Dr says that he disagrees with and doesn’t listen to a word this he says after that. Then he want to move on. Because he can’t stand any interpretation but his own. That’s not an open discussion. The Dr is holding your feet to the fire and he just wants to move on.

Islam’s holy prophet was from the desendents of prophet Ishmael and the israelites where from the desendents of prophet Isaac. Isaac and Ismael where brothers, so prophet Muhammad is considered a brother to the israelites.

God you have to have patience to talk to these compulsive liars .

Typical muslim using takia