Drinking Camel Urine (Fun Islamic Fact #4)

Muhammad’s solution for stomach problems was a nice bottle of camel urine!

Here’s the full text of the video:

Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an whenever jihadis go on a killing spree.

So far, we’ve seen that Muhammad squatted to pee, that he threatened his followers with hell if they didn’t squat to pee, and that he warned his followers about Satan peeing in their ears.

Muhammad’s obsession with pee continues as we turn to his solution for stomach aches.

Sunan an-Nasai, Number 307:

It was narrated from Anas bin Malik that some Bedouins from Urainah came to the Prophet and became Muslim, but the climate of Al-Madinah did not suit them; their skin turned yellow and their stomachs became swollen. The Messenger of Allah sent them to some pregnant camels of his and told them to drink their milk and urine until they recovered. Then they killed the camel-herder and drove the camels away. The Messenger of Allah sent people after them, and they were brought back. Their hands and feet were cut off and their eyes were smoldered with burning nails. The Commander of the Believers, Abdul-Malik, said to Anas—when he was narrating this Hadith to him—“(Were they being punished) for Kufr or for a sin?” He said: “For Kufr.”

Here are three takeaways.

First, Muhammad’s solution to sickness was drinking camel urine. Why don’t doctors today recommend camel urine for stomach problems? Because camel urine doesn’t help with stomach problems, though this doesn’t stop Muslim merchants from selling camel urine as a cure. One merchant even got caught selling bottles of his own urine as camel urine. Think about how much urine has been consumed by the Muslim community over the centuries because of Muhammad.

Second, Islam’s most trusted sources claim that the Muslims who drank the camel urine left Islam, scattered Muhammad’s camels, and killed his camel-herder—after the camel urine cured them. But is this really believable? Why would they leave Islam and become enraged after following Muhammad’s advice and being cured? Isn’t it far more likely that they drank the camel urine, became even more sick, realized that Muhammad was a false prophet who made them drink camel urine, and scattered Muhammad’s camels in a fit of rage?

Third, Muhammad had his followers chop the men’s hands and feet off and burn out their eyes with hot nails. The men were then left in the heat to die and were refused water. One of them was biting at the ground out of thirst. Muslims often claim that these apostates were tortured, mutilated, and left to die because of what they had done to Muhammad’s camel-herder. But Anas, who narrated the story, was specifically asked whether they were tortured, mutilated, and left to die because of some sin, or because of kufr (their return to unbelief). Anas said that they were tortured, mutilated, and left to die for kufr—unbelief.

Welcome to Islam—the religion that tells you to drink camel urine, then, when you get even sicker and decide to leave, chops off your hands and your feet, burns out your eyes with hot nails, and leaves you to die as you bite the ground from thirst.

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Satan urinated in his ears “his” refers to the one who overslept his prayer the most loved prayer is fajr and asr, so yea thanks for the fact and telling me about the hadith❤️

I can’t believe you spread these lies, Dr. Wood. Urine trouble.

They most certainly had Hepatitis A; this wasn’t from the “climate” of Medina, this was probably from the fact that “all water is drinkable”.

Some of that “scientific insight” of the Quran

Muslem be like: you lie its not true!
But its a hadith
No its not real hadith meaning!


“If anyone tells you that the Messenger of Allah urinated while standing, do not believe him, for I (always) saw him urinating while sitting down.”
Sunan Ibn Majah 307

Thanks for Increasing my Iman! :blush: I love Islam and i shall continue to do so till the end of my life Insha Allah

I’m learning something more disturbing about the Religion of Peace everyday

Could this be the biggest practical joke ever…

And we should trust the Taliban?

its not Islamic fact
it’s wahabi and salafi facts
we shia and our sunni brothers don’t believe in those lies told in the name of the prophet
wahabi and salafies are not considered as a muslem by us shia 12imames
don’t spread lies without any real research

The problem is me David loves to misrepresent and misguide people . I am not Saying not to listen to mr wood (you should ), but also do your own research . In Islam , one drop of animal or human pee naked you unclean and you have to not only change your clothes but also take shower ! So what’s the story behind this Hadith ? The guys prophet was telling them to drink camel milk (benefit ) and urine (not good , negative ) were from hypocrite tribes whose people even killed ahlul sufa (I won’t get into it here , just know they were people seeking knowledge). So prophet was giving them undertone message that you declare you are Muslim but at the same time do the opposite so it’s like drinking camel milk and pee at same time ( in today’s world I guess it be like drinking vitamin water but also taking drugs , in the end you get no benefit ). Prophet has given undertone messages like this many times before , but ofcourse mr wood would conveniently skip and give you only half the story !!!

SAHIH BUKHARI, BOOK 23: Funerals (Al-Janaa’iz) Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 23:

Funerals (Al-Janaa’iz)

Volume 2, Book 23, Number 329:

Narrated Abu Dhar:

Allah’s Apostle said, “Someone came to me from my Lord and gave me the news (or good tidings) that if any of my followers dies worshipping none (in any way) along with Allah, he will enter Paradise.” I asked, “Even if he committed illegal sexual intercourse (adultery) and theft?” He replied, “Even if he committed illegal sexual intercourse (adultery) and theft.”


UGH! This makes my stomach spin. Better go online and order some Camel Urine.

Have your ever heard bacillus subtilis? many papers mention its producing antibiotics and its often founded live in camel excrement :kissing_smiling_eyes:

This is religion of truth from god?

Prophet that couldn’t heal a desease…