Dwight Schultz (Murdock from the A-Team!) on 9-11, Sharia, and the U.S. Constitution

Jamie Glazov of Front Page Magazine hosts a Town Hall on Sharia and the U.S. Constitution. TV’s Dwight Schultz shares his thoughts.

What a disappointment. What a gullible tool. What an asshole.

Praise the lord

Schultz must have been the only person in Hollywood in the 80s that didn’t get the memo about the planned events of 9/11.

At 7:38 Mr. T has a crescent moon & star around his neck.

Most pro islam scholars skip over the naughty stuff. You’ll hardly even hear of it. I know someonebis gonna say, there is no naughty stuff in islam. Well. I challenge you to actually read your doctrines In context with hadith. If you excuse the actions of muhammad, I question your moral value.

I think that hot babe is Nonie Darwish.

Who is the chick sitting between David Wood and Dwight Schultz ?

i agree if they really have any interest on peace, they should all gather and make a consensus about jihad, which one is permissible, which one is not. but the problem is, they are even in disagreement about each other…

A few people speaking out will not change peoples’ perception of solidarity. An international effort among many muslim sects protesting against terrrorism might. Show the world where you truly stand, or else your issue with people perceiving unity among all muslims doesn’t change. Mosques in every major city around the world having their voices heard, not a few select individuals. If you’re sincere, do what’s necessary to make the change, instead of complaining about it on YT comments.

Then why don’t more muslims sects speak out against those that are extreme? To the rest of the world, “moderates” not speaking out against terrorists is a sign of solidarity with the extremists. I’ll tell you why: because these moderates also stand to benefit if jihadist terrorists can usher in a global islamic caliphate under sharia law. These other sects you mention are silently hoping for the day islam rules the world, that’s why. Lets see you protest against terrorists, and then talk.

good speech thank you for posting

by the way osama was CIA so what ever he did Islam has nothing to do with that by the way, so do not ever think we agree on killing these people but dirty ones did that the upper group and their benefited from this crime.

that is concerning that and that what is the hate from each other is based on at the end it is dirty business dick chany and george bush and rumsfield and the rest of the gang was doing. but really you support that and you gain nothing except more taxes and economy down more and more so really what you disputing over ?

USA economy is based on what? what else beside Boeing air planes and cars do they make? off course the big one is military and killing machines or you deny that, and unfortunate because of the hate from the west to the Arabs and Islam they doing that game their.

abkekiwi, who is killing who and who is doing that exactly and who is behind that?
before you get your self in this case and say Muslims killing each other ask and search why.

I wonder about one thing, why you all stressing yourselves?
is it because this subject I mean the Islam is really stressing you, may I Know?
tell you what get a job and be fame from it not from joining the team of parking dogs about the most powerful religion in all times weather you like it I mean to say weather you parked or not.

well said

Why this must be documented! Those muslim will change the sharia rules with reason taqiyah because you telling this to them.

Dwight was always great to watch on the A-Team and later in Star Trek it’ cool to see that he’s an alright guy in real life too.