Ebay Declares Sharia Compliance, Bans Products Offensive to Muslims

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The online auction site eBay is now Sharia compliant. Items that could potentially offend Muslims will be immediately removed, while items that could offend Christians, Jews, or other groups will remain on the site.

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SHOCKER! It turns out that eBid is also Sharia compliant! Are we living in Saudi Arabia?

This is actually bad I was laughing but I’m seriously worried that being a Christian might start to shoot back at me

i love you so much, thank you for being so strong david <33 may God protect you and keep you


Mohammad spits and his followers swall— never mind😌

Ebay is controlled by jakir naiek

Al-Thirmidhi Hadith 38

Narrated by Abud Darda

Allah’s messenger (pbuh) said; Allah created Adam when he had to create him and he struck his right shoulder and there emitted from it white offspring as if they were white ants. He struck his left shoulder and there emitted from it the black offspring as if they were charcoal. He then said; to those who had been emitted from the right shoulder, they are for paradise and I do not mind. Then he said; to those who had been emitted from his left shoulder, they are for hell and I do not mind.

Transmitted by Ahmed.

Islam is offensif to afro Americans. If nothing changes in Islam, nothing will change in the world.

Cute Pig

The truth hurts David. The devil won’t allow the light of Jesus shine to the world.

But at least it isn’t Mein Kampf.
Oh wait, they do sell it. Oops.

You will see what will happen to you at the end of time. You will wish that you did not do this. Believe me, you will regret it the most. If you do not regret it now, you will see your sins, a severe punishment from God.

Can you stop it I done to report

I wonder what is compelling Ebay to surrender to ISLAM and its SHARIA LAW mandate? Why is this corporate entity sucking up to Islam? Is it cowering to militamt Jihadis who are threatening in the background with dire violent consequences or is it simply plain boot licking for favors we don’t know about? Any MORON who has rudimentary KNOWLEDGE of history of how JUSTICE that has no preference or plays favorites will concede the WEST how it has prospered because of equal treatment under the law a BIBLICAL and ROMAN JURISPRUDENCE gift to the nations in contrast to barberic SHARIA LAW that keeps Islamic countries backward and in the dark.

Ahhh, beauty from ashes.

All the best from the UK

I love that little pig! He’s so cute! Why can’t you just sell them from your channel?? A fundraiser for Muslim enlightenment!!

You lost your your sales from our Women’s Club, Americans

When in school I read the Quaran, and there was nothing in there of value. No inspiring parables, no interesting history, no interesting creation myths, no riddles to be solved, no beautiful poetry, no reflective philosophy. It was mostly repeating stories based on what appeared to be hearsay, and then condemning unbelievers, and hating on those who do not know, and then grotesque fairy tales about Alexander the Great, Esop, Moses, Noah, all in brief passages, with no beggining and no end, retroactively calling them muslims. I concluded that the religion was based on the character of mohammed, and his utterances while in a trance state, and not based on the profoundity of the revelations.

Why the surprise? This has been going on for a long time now. Anti-Christian propaganda is allowed, Jews hate Christianity, they want to replace it with Islam, as preparation for the messianic age. This is the plan according to the great Rabbi Sephardic Jew Moses Maimoinedes.