Ebay’s War on Christian Artists Continues: But New Auction Anyway!

Link to auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133529549762

As you may have noticed, eBay took down the auction for my “Origami Mystery Bag,” claiming that the word “mystery” entails some sort of chance contest or raffle. To avoid confusion, my new auction is for an original, one-of-a-kind origami goat, made from the finest paper I could find. Happy bidding!

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I’ll be LIVE with Anthony Rogers at 8:00pm (Eastern Time). Here’s the link: - YouTube

Use Etsy in future, has more class. :grin::v:

You should posted on ETSY !!!

I’d buy it lol

it’s sad, the people making those shirts have NO idea how bad they’re gonna have it in hell…

Those t-shirts prove the bible right once again. People HATE God with a passion. They say they dont believe in God, but they clearly do since they want to dishonor Him so much.

Listen atheists. If God doesnt exist, then why do you even care. Just let Christians be. But oh I forget. The Bible prophecised persecution for Christians. Thanks for proving us right!

“And all information concerning Ebay’s Sharia saga, is being forwarded to lawyers.” :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy::joy::joy: You are roasting them!


Did they ban the auction this time?

Oh my David. May God bless you. I think no Muslim person can challenge u. U are really saying the truth God bless you

eBay discriminates against Christians. Good case for a lawyer to get rich.

I’m Done with Ebay. Never shopping from Ebay for life and I’ll encourage my friends and families not to as well. GOODBYE EBAY.

Ebay taking their 30 pieces of silver! Nuff Said!

I like your hat DW…

David you can easily win the lawsuit. You should sue ebay just to prove their biasses.

No wonder e-bay follows the sharia law

I don’t see any Muslim jumped when the other prophets it predates Muhammad offended like Moses

Just sue Ebay and live rich.

What sucks most… I would actually like to have the goat. I would display it my living room. They are very nice looking. The paper makes such beautiful patterns. Maybe I should learn origami and ask for a copy of the koran to make some art as well? You wouldn’t consider it too much competition if your viewers were to try their hands at this wonderful art form would you? Especially since the “proceeds” go to such a good cause. I’ll make an origami momo… oh you already did when you made the pig… I could only hope to do half as good of a job as a true arstist such as yourself. As long as women need to be protected we must make art though. Even if it is but a pale imitation of the true artist.