Egyptian Mosque Massacre

Today, hundreds of Muslims were killed while fleeing al-Rawda Mosque in Egypt. Can we guess who’s behind the attack, and what led to it? Let’s find out.

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Got all three, Right!

They are under the curse of Ishmael. They are always at odds with their brothers not only those from Ishmael’s brother Isaac but also their spiritual brothers under Ishmael. They keep denying that other sects of Islam are even Muslims. The Sunnis even try to claim that the Shia don’t believe in Muhammad. That is how crazy some of them are. That is before you get to the Kurds, marsh Arabs, ahmediahs, etc etc etc. The sooner they come to Jesus and get adopted into the spiritual line of Jesus the sooner they will be able to have peace with eachother. In Christ both Jew and Palestinian and other ex-Muslims find peace and fellowship. May God take away the veil and give them the light of the gospel. Soon! Amen

Thank you David we love you always Brother God bless you your whole family, crew and everyone always :pray:t3:

Islam can not survive in large, democratic, diverse, highly educated, and urbanized societies. It can only be implemented in undemocratic, relatively small, low-educated, and mostly rural societies. That’s why even in Islamic countries, as long as people have general freedoms, most ‘muslims’ are muslims in name only, especially if they’re highly educated and have a good standard of living.

I don’t know my IQ level but i got the answer same as yours Dr. Wood

Jesu Akbar

wouldnt it be funny if it was actually mormon missionaries

So much unrest in Islam.
Islam have no hope, no life, no fun no nothin.
Muslims needs JESUS.

:sob: a dozen children

No one can actually have Muslim “friends”

But refuting the Quran would be blasphemy! to a Muslim.

Am I the only one who think Buddhism is best way to make world better

I am pretty sure that those who attacked that mosque WERE NOT REAL MUSLIMS :wink:

Calm, intelligent discourse. love your posts. Keep them coming! Just maybe a few of the viewers will wake up to reality and read the Qur’an and Hadith for themselves.

David Wood cracks me up! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Islam is a super cult. The Manson family multiplied a million times.

The mossad is behind this attack as they are claim! So the scapegoat is always the Jews

Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like jews and muslims. Or christians and muslims. Or hindus and muslims. Or muslims and other muslims. Damn muslims. They ruined islam.

David Wood it’s obviously gun owning Trump supporters get your facts straight