Ellen DeGeneres Slams Muhammad on Twitter!

Ellen DeGeneres recently slammed Muhammad on Twitter when she condemned Islam’s command to stone homosexuals to death. Since DeGeneres (along with Joe Biden, George Clooney, Elton John, and many others who criticized the Sultan of Brunei’s decision to implement sharia penalties for various crimes) obviously opposes Islamic law (going so far as to call for a boycott), why do leftists condemn us and accuse us of Islamophobia for opposing Islamic law? David Wood discusses the issue (and Gad Saad helps point out the hypocrisy).

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Check out this clip of a Twitter exec refusing to explain why people are getting banned from the platform: - YouTube

hi from iran :smiley:
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“Perhaps I’m a bit slow” bro W for u. First time I’d give that to u :joy_cat:


I would love to see how you would react when you realise how much of a non sense christianity is

doesnt christianity forbid homosexuality :rofl:

U don’t know about sheria so don’t talk

I only love one God. The God of the Jews and the Christians. :latin_cross::star_of_david:

When comes to celebrities and politicians they yell “Spread the word, rise up” hypocrisy beyond imagination.

I appose oppression and hate, no matter what form they take. I would also like to point out that your god Yahweh/Jehovah also called for homosexuals to be stoned to death. In face, he called for a lot of objectively awful things. Should we oppose Christianity and Judaism as well, or only those Christians and Jews that want want to do those objectively awful things in the name of their God?

when stupidity hit yourself this will happen…ellen degeneres please study about islam first before you make any statement…dont talk something you doesnt event know…only the stupid person will talk like that without learn about it…please learn about islam it will make you smarter than a fool for life…

Both 18:22 and 20:13 claim it is “abominable” and therefore prohibited; 20:13 attaches the death penalty for both men as a result. 20:13 is in chapter 20, where homosexuality is included in a long list of blasphemous and sexual mortal sins (including adultery, incest, sex during menstruation, or animal sex).

May Allah guide us all in the right direction and help us all. May Allah forgive us all… :heart:Brother… You are soo misguided. I don’t think christ would want this much hate in the world…

I shit on Islam
This pathetic, hypocrite psychopath religion

Muhammad was prophet you have any problems dickets

Why this hatred and hatred for Muslims, let them do what they want in their countries, you are free in your country
The Qur’an says: “Your religion is yours, and I have my religion.” Evidence that they do not want any quarrels with anyone, and Sharia law states that any person who wants to practice homosexuality is expelled from the countries of the Muslims.

Islam is great lmao

Ppl call you racists and islamophobes because you don’t know ANYTHING about Islam yet you talk about it in a hateful manner ALL the time.

I was enjoying watching mr mohammed bazeek story how he adopt children with born illness with any religion background and was so touched and saw some light of humanity and here comes the evil YouTube recommendation of this guy.