Elon Musk Buys Twitter: Will He Save It or Ruin It?

Today, Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. Some say that Elon is going to fix the biased moderation problems on the platform; others think he’s going to ruin the platform by allowing endless hate speech. What do you think? Whatever else happens, let’s just hope we see the speedy return of the Babylon Bee!

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Will Elon Musk save Twitter or ruin it?

David, If a genius like you dont know whats going to happen (regards to Elon ruling Tweeter), then I doubt I can take anyone else’s prediction lol

Thanks for enlightening everyone that an absolute free speech platform isn’t as good as they imagine it to be.


the real question is will I give a crap :thinking:


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Elon musk sounds like nimrod of Bible it’s me me me

What an elegant and balanced response. I’m glad you addressed that platforms like Twitter should not be completely free in it’s allowance of speech or else anarchy abounds while also addressing the other problem of the unspoken rule of human bias and the dilemmas simple bias can create. Furthermore, I appreciate your neutral stance on Elon as whether or not he does Twitter right remains to be seen and as someone who doesn’t like him given how he named his own son, I too will take a neutral stance on this and wait for the results of his management.
In either case, well met David Wood. Well met.

Cool but i am still not going to be back on Twitter.

I love this man’s content

Ah, so you’ve been on 4Chan I see.

Elon Musk is Controlled Oppoisition just like Donald Trump and every other Politician/leader that goes against the narrative and the so called Christiains in Hollywood and the MSM, Big Tech etc…They all work for the devil just like Islam, Catholics, Jahovah Witness and every other religion that is against Jesus…but they all proud of that:)

How do you ruin Twitter anyway? Twitter was the site that interfered in elections and decided for adults what they could or could not say.

“Even my enemies can have free speech”

-Elon Musk

Lets not get starry eyed over “free speech.” It’s a hot mess that will lead straight to the NWO. Satan is the god of alternative viewpoints. Elon ain’t a christian; he doesn’t believe in the Saving Grace of Jesus. He’s a man of the world not God and fully committed to Mammon. He admires the pantheist Spinoza. He’s helping build the modern world’s version of the tower of Babel. As he is Elon Musk is damned (John 3:18 & 36, Mark 16:16. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)

Worrying that someone might ruin Twitter is like being afraid that someone might mess up your pile of used diapers.

I think that most speech should be allowed, except for threat of sexual assault, threats of bodily harm or death, or threats of vandalism of property. These are the kind of threats that have been allowed on social media like Facebook, against those who do not carry mainstream beliefs. I am hoping that Elon makes Twitter equal for all and bans any and all threats, both physical and biological, that are against people, their property, their family, and their animals.

Hopefully the platform will improve

Reupload? Got notif as new viseo