Elon Musk Buys Twitter: Will He Save It or Ruin It?

I wish he’d buy You Tube.

Watching and listening to the saga unfold with curiosity. I learned today - April 18, 2022, that the sale is not finalized, that it’s not officially his to control/change until some time in October, so I’m thinking they might still or could still try to pull something over to not change. Considering there is talk of multiple alphabet agencies of the US government launching investigations into him and/or his company or companies, the game may already be a foot to sabotage or derail the plan. But if all goes off without a hitch on that deal, I’m most curious to see if Elon will let Trump and other banned persons back on. As of yet, even so, I have no plans to rejoin Twitter, even if Trump returns, which his banning is why I deleted it.

Is that mean I can finally openly slag Muhammad Bin Abdullah Rubbish Bin?It’s so hard those days to publicly Mock thati 7th century Rat

Elon should hire you David. It would be wise for Elon to surround himself with advisors such as you. You can bring Elon insights into social media from your experience.

truth to be told David :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Everyone watching please share this video everywhere and get social cross.

Musk has a big car factory in China.
I doubt that he will control the Chinese government.

The only thing I hate about free speech is when multiple people use it to harrass and bully one person who may not have no support to help him defend himself against multiple of people.

Gut feeling? It’s a trap, like all others (including this platform). FB was created with the sole purpose of spying on us. This will be the same. All run by Freemasonic luciferians.
I trust no man and I understand quite a bit about how this wicked realm is run. My trust is in Jesus only.

The block feature is for people that say things you disagree with allowing someone else to decide what I should be insulted by and making rules in that manner is where we ate right now.

I hope elon does what he says and allows truly free speech.

Whatever happens (not a Twit, never have been) it sure is a lot of fun to watch!

Real question is what you think about JD & AH?

“A cesspool of conspiracy theories and hate speech” sounds exactly like my entire internal dialogue.

While I love seeing the leftist libtards lose their minds and cry like little babies. Elon is a complete fraud and grifter. He was never poor,he grew up rich and spoiled. He didn’t create PayPal. Telsa was not his idea,he bought the company and forced out the creators. He takes credit for other people’s ideas. He’ll probably kill twitter and sell it off. But only time will tell. He’s also pro-crt. Raising non-binary children.

Arrogant dictator attitude bloody Twitter India suspended accounts of many nationalist Hindus it’s good thing that Must bought Twitter

Elon musk is doing well

It is also dangerous that the primary means of information are in the hands of a few wealthy people.

TYT did a segment on this. He’s not actually pro free speech. If your speech goes against his economic interests, he’s willing to sue or appeal to the Chinese government to have you censored.

This is a clear illustration of why extreme wealth and income inequality is bad. Do we really want a society where someone can be so wealthy that he can just buy twitter?

Extreme wealth inequality isnt just wealth inequality. Its power inequality. Someone wealthy enough to buy twitter is someone powerful enough to police and influence public discourse.

Someone with 44 billion dollars just lying around is someone who can have politicians in his pocket, bought and paid for through bribes…excuse me…campaign contributions.

Someone who is wealthy enough to buy twitter is someone who hasnt paid nearly enough in taxes.

Tax the rich!

Its not possible at this point to make it worse