Embryology in the Quran: Much Ado About Nothing--Hamza Tzortzis Refuted

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U idiot human are from 70 percent of water every cell contains almost water so it any this context of ayat

Hamza a greek muslim makes money by bullshitting for Islam.

Language is a complicated thing. And so many people have so many different understandings of each word that I am willing to give Hamza Tzortzis the benefit of the doubt that he at least thought he was doing a good translation, even though later evidence showed that his religious zeal was very misplaced.


Muslims never ashamed of their hypocrisy, lies and deception. instead, they would feel proud of themselves! A very opposite quality of God!

This nonsense is nicely deconstructed here:

This is the video response to those false onesided claims being made by CaptainDisguise /watch?v=SllZ3IM0T2Y&list=SPC6857425D1F4B4A4&index=6

Much less than expected from a ‘senior researcher’ - time to demote him or else give up all claim to be taken seriously.

Damn I feel raped by this explanation and I’m not even Muslim lol THA fk that was rock hard logic

And, you, Rev! ABN is a hope for all of us that Muslims can hear the truth about the sinless Christ, and the unrepentant reprobate, Muhammad.

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Sam and Dave now have a weekly show on ABN, as does pastor Joseph. Hopefully, enough responded to their financial needs to keep them going. I received a snail mail from them, indicating they’re even beginning other new programming.

You’re still a hero! All apostates of Islam are heroes because it has to be the toughest belief system on this flat earth from which to emerge.

So you’re saying that Muslims have B.S. degrees (and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science)? That would explain a lot. LOL!

So, you claim this is correct: 23.12 - 14: Then We made the Nutfah into a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood), then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh, then We made out of that little lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation.

Bones are created first, then clothed in flesh? Odd, I learned that both develop simultaneously from the Mesoderm layer, but maybe your Allah skipped that day of the class.

People still speak of “the ends of the earth”. Doesn’t mean Daniel thought it was flat. LOL
Quran described the shape of earth using the following Arabic words: Madda, Madadnaha, Firasha, Mahdan, Farashnaha, Bisata, Mihada, Dahaha, Tahaha and Sutehat. All of them mean flat.

Does it hurt to be as stupid as you are?

Was there an orchid field nearby so the disciples would know that reference point?

Yes, that was the law of the leper, and a foreshadow of the necessity of blood to cleanse people. Many things in the OT point to the NT incarnation of the holy God, Jesus the Christ, and His perfect atonement for those who accept him. We don’t have to go to hell to pay for our sin debt as you Muslims do. Our God has the power of forgiveness. Too bad about yours.