Epic video week

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“Epic Video Week” starts tomorrow.

Hi brother David, we Praise the Lord Jesus, for giving you more wisdom and strength…we pray for your safety also… it’s our major concern… May Lord Jesus bless you, your family and your ministries abundantly…

where is the St. Paul vs Muhammad video?

OCD? or Habits?

where is the videos

Did you do all these vids spoken of here? I got notified of some through my e-mail, but I wanted more.

Why don’t you became a catholic? Simple question!

Thank you always for your work Dave! I know how much work it is to put together the presentation and then convey the entire thing in front of a camera. Then edit it and do overdubbing and layers etc. I appreciate what you’re doing I know how long it takes to do such time consuming work!! Blessings!

What two videos are you talking about David? I would like to watch them.

I remember that you had a lot of more subs. Youtube is phatetic. For not showing you that.

hey David love from India got to learn a lot from you from all these videos I had been watching you since the last year when I was being introduced to Muslim’s debator I got to answer many of them by learning from you God bless you brother

Epic Video Week is going to be awesome!


I have a question about prayer times, at what time of day are muslims supposed to pray at ? I’m asking this because of those workers who want 5 breaks a day at work for praying. Are not at least two of the prayer times outside of a 7 to 5 workday ?


Wooohooo! I am so looking forward to this. I lol’d at the fact that you kept finding more and more reasons why Paul is more reliable than Mohammed - praise God! Go, David, go, David, go!

how is Nabeel?

where is today’s video

Yahya snow is gonna have his hands full with this one.

Cannot wait. My goodness