EPS Apologetics Conference in San Antonio, Texas (Nov. 17-19)

I’d love to be there…may be next time…

Bubbly happy energetic David is what i see in this video… Keep up the spirit and do well as usual… You’ll do well no doubts… May God give you the needed grace n strength.

Hi David, As youre in the vicinity of Rice University and Craig Considine I have a querry.
A person can think anything they wish as an individual but in the face of truthful evidence, from the muslim books and actions documented of mohammed himself how can anyone be in the respected position of a teacher at a beautiful American University and presenting that mohammed was loving and peaceful? This seems anarchy to me.
I am so thankful that we have a chance to restore sensible society with President Elect Trump. All the best from the UK.

Wish one of these would happen where I live!

If people like Ken Ham, Jason Lisle and Sye Ten Bruggencate were invited to this conference it would be so awkward

Will the entire conference be available on video somewhere?

Jesus is Godd

Wow didn’t know you were here! Awesome!!!

I’d really like William Lane Craig if we weren’t an OEC

hey wheres vocab ?! were due for another freestyle

DAVID WOOD!!! Where is the awesome driving Q&A? Will that be on your drive back? Will it be live stream? :+1:t3::sunglasses::clap:t4:

David, keep an eye out for a guy named Nabeel, he has an interesting testimony.

Hey David, 2 questions, can we watch this live or recorded later?
how is our dear brother Babel these days, praying for him

I’ve just moved to San Antonio from the UK and I’d love to go… but the wife and I are already going to another conference the same weekend. :frowning:

One thing, though: Dr. Wood, could you please announce these events a bit earlier? Announcing it the day before, didn’t give me much time to plan.

Yes. I’ve been hoping for something like this near San Antonio. I’m less than 30 minutes away from Trinity Baptist. Plus, I love that the ticket is discounted for college students and military. I’m temporarily out of college, but that’s due to military training.

great news David…wish u very successful conference

:cry: so far away

That sounds amazing! I hope your talk goes well and you are inspired by the other speakers. God Bless you!

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