European Union Converts YouTube into a Safe Space (David Wood)

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European Union lawmakers recently voted to force YouTube to crack down on online hate speech. Is this a problem? David Wood draws attention to three problems with politicians controlling online speech.

YouTube has started heavily censoring comments. It is extremely irritating

In Great Brittion, Domino’s Pizza does not sell pizza’s with pork. Itsi Bitisi Totsi Muslims are NAZI’s

Rather than making videos, why don’t people who are concerned or offended by hates verses file charges in the European court and present their case?

European people just don’t give a damn…

Fuck the corrupt union

Tommy Robinson raises awareness of rape-gangs in the UK… gets illegally imprisoned… and his book banned from Amazon.
The Koran says that the descendants of Judah are horrible people and deserve to burn in hell… Amazon happily keeps selling it.

…Hmm… something isn’t right.


That’s all very well but it is already one sided all conservative content is censored but all leftist propaganda is allowed.

If you don’t support free speech everywhere, you are an enemy to the constitution, and a total hypocrite.

Because EU politicians don’t want responsible citizens and voters, they want an unwarlike, powerless, spineless herd of sheep. The afraider, the better.

There are group of people somewhere in control of everything that is happening in a nonsensical manner. Horrific. I am lost to the best of my mind :brain::hear_no_evil:


Welcome to the world of Liberal Fascism!

European Union is filth and garbage from hell…

If sharia is so good and effective, why they don’t move back to their country rather than coming to democratic Europe and try to make them apply it

Incitement to undermine human dignity that’s a worthless phrase!

Make that word happen people!

I have a leftist History teacher that supports Islam and a Bitch of an English teacher that hates me becouse I’m spreading the truth.

Whats worse, I don’t live in the Muslim co-ruled leftist countries. I’m, as the Brits tend to say and yell all day, an “Eastern European thief”

EU is full of mind maggots, they are trying to make themselves sacred, but practice control to protect their infestations of fascists and left wing Marxist terrorist that they thrive on. They do not care how many people are murdered unless it suits their regime, they are the fastest growing oppressors on the planet, they make ISIS look kindergarten kids and they dont care of the cost as long as it is their back pockets. Now they want a military force so they can slam it down, just communists in the foundation process. History will report that they will exceed Russia, China and Islam regimes for death, disparity, torture.

True . I am scared of the future of my child. I don’t want the same positions telling us that we have to except sharia in Europe