Evidence for the Exodus (LIVE with Inspiring Philosophy, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with Inspiring Philosophy (Mike Jones) at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing archaeological evidence for the Exodus.

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The last part literally got me.

Check out Ron Wyatt famous in the Christian circles for finding evidence of the exodus and other stuff in the Bible.
I’m texting this before I’ve listened to your meeting, you might already be using this source already.

Apostate prophet distrakt me!

Absolutely fantastic.

Mike Jones is trouble. Very loose faith. Please ask home why he rejects the written words, loose old earth creation and pro catholic dogma.

Mark 13:32 Jesus didn’t know the hour but GOD know so he was a prophet
Leviticus 11:7 Jesus didn’t eat pork but Christians do also in islam pork is prohibited🚫
Luke 2:21 Jesus circumcise
Matthew 4:2 Jesus used to fast 40 day’s like Muslim do bc he was a Muslim
Muslim mean submit your will to one creator which Allah ( Arabic word means God )
Luke 4:8 worship only your lord
John 20:17 jesus said My God your God

2 King 8:26 Ahaziah 22 years he became king
2 Chronicles 22:2 Ahaziah was 42 years old he became king

2 king 24:8 jehoiachin was 18 years king
2 chronicles 36:9 jehoiachin was 8 years king

John 6:38 Jesus sent as a prophet not As a God
Genesis 17:3 Abraham pray to god
Numbers 20:6 moses pray to god
Joshua 5:14 pray to god
pope Francis fell down praying to god
Matthew 26:39 Jesus pray to god
Muslim pray to God like all prophets did

I don’t rely my salvation on a book full of contradictions and errors so why you do??

AP is the man. Keep praying for him ya. He’s such a good dude let’s continue to petition the Lord for his and his families salvation.

“Tiktok time to rock…”
Greetings to you brothers in The Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
May the Blessings and Peace of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ be with you all.
Listening in from Papua New Guinea…

Good video! Hahahaha David you have pretty good company over there… AP nice flexing my man… I love these guys hahaha. IP you kept it professional the whole time… I give this video a 11/10. I have a feeling if Nabeel was there he’d be doing rock paper scissors with AP while we’re watching this serious video loool

:thinking: At 6:50 Mike seems to be saying that Moses was not necessarily in Midian for 40 years, because when he left with his wife and sons on a donkey, the sons must’ve been grown up after 40 years.
But … what is there to suggest that they were born in the early part of the 40 years? They could’ve been born just before the 40 yr period in Midian was over, and therefore still been young enough to fit on a donkey with their mother. Leaving the Bible’s dates uncompromised, and literally true.

AP is hilarious :rofl:

27:42 Jetstream AP. The only thing I know for real kicks in

21:35 bruh moment

Psyched about this topic! Glad you are covering this. I’ve been seeing the Patterns of Evidence trailers over the last couple years, really wanted to get into it but didn’t take the time. Thanks for doing this! This could be a real game changer for some folks who have written off the Bible because the epic tales of Moses had seemingly no historical evidence. Even among Jewish people this could well cause a juggernaut to the atheism that is prevalent among those living descendants of the Hebrew tribes.

Ok rickrolled by AP…hilarious…
Would love to see “debates” with Hype-guys…great ideas guys!!

I’ve always been a 1446BC Exodus supporter, but recently Merrill’s research on Tall el-Hammam being destroyed by a ‘Tunguska sized airburst around 1650BC’ which also depopulated Jericho for 300 years made me wonder how to square that timing with Joshua’s conquest of a supposedly populated Jericho. A later Exodus+Conquest date would allow for the site to be resettled.

“All 16 major settled sites and > 100 villages in the southern Jordan Valley appear to have been abandoned at ~ 1650 BCE (3600 cal BP). Jericho was minimally resettled ~ 300 years after the destruction event.”

Merrill also appeals to non-literal numbers when it comes to the ages of the Partriarchs, so that also lines up with the Solomon’s Temple timing here.

Lol I love how AP was casually in D-woods office

Patterns of Evience series is great. Stopped listening to Uninspiring after the first couple of minutes.
He doesn’t believe in Biblical Creation. What he wants to say about the Exodus… don’t care