Ex-Muslim Christian YouTuber Tortured and Imprisoned for Viral Video Mocking Muhammad

Muhammad Kace was an Indonesian Muslim cleric, but he left Islam in 2014 and converted to Christianity. After his conversion, Kace started a YouTube channel, where he preached the Gospel and criticized Muhammad and the Quran. Last year, Kace was arrested when a viral video he posted was deemed blasphemous against Islam and offensive to Muslims. Kace has now been sentenced to ten years in prison for blasphemy in Indonesia.

For the International Christian Concern article quoted in this video (“Christian YouTuber in Indonesia Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison”), click here: Christian YouTuber in Indonesia Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison | Persecution

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0:39 ngakak

Islam, The religion of Fakes. there I said it.

Great as Malaysian former believer of Islam, I hope more Christian face the same fate you’re bringing shame to our community.

New laws put in place in Scotland - they’ll put people in jail for hate speech which basically means if you say anything a person might find offensive against Islam, or anything else for that matter, you go to jail.
What I’d like to know is what is hate speech?, 'cos if we don’t have any guidelines how do we know what not to say.

Why Muslims do all the evil against against humanity? Just on Thursday 12 May, 2022, Deborah Yakubu, a student of a College of Education in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria was stoned to death by her classmates and her corpse burned just on the allegation that she insulted Mohammed.

Please and please, can someone tell me the PEACE and TOLERANCE in Islam.

I’m glad I live in a place where I can openly be atheist without being attacked

Finally M. Kace and Meliana story got viral to world audience. Yep this is my country’s law and this is how they treat minorities with. Dont be deceived by our slogan “Indonesian people were nice” they act nice to foreigners but not to our same nationality, especially you’re minority in religion

This guy’s good.

Give me a like for Island Paradise.
Give me a dislike for Sharia-compliant hellhole.

Which do you want?

It’s so very sad we can’t do anything to stop these horrifying tortures and killings! Really grateful to you for speaking up for the human rights’ violations! God bless you and your family :heart::pray::rose:

The problem is why he is mocking our prophet

He use MKC name, his real name is Kosman bin Suned, because now he was a Christian, somebody call him “Muhammad”.
But it was not what MKC meaning about his name, MKC stands for “Mengikut Kristus Cerdas”
Following Jesus is Smart
And make your highlight that in Indonesia, THERE IS NO FAIR JUSTICE FOR UN MOSLEM

Thanks David Wood, Jesus christ Bless you

Sorry David I know this is supposed to be serious and all, but I really laughed out loud when you read that an officer was named Napoleon Bonaparte. Lolwut. Now I’m thinking are the Islamists thinking of stealing Napoleon as an Islamic hero like they did to Alexander the great?

Why can’t we all try to learn about different cultures and educate each other, what happened to this man is wrong and whoever did this not a Muslim.
Why do we have to paint everyone with One brush, let’s open our hearts and understand the Quran in English and then make judgement right.
If someone told me my son or daughter is reading the Quran do you go beat them up disown them, or do go and follow the trail and find out how they got to this stage, just like suspecting them of doing something wrong they shouldn’t be doing and try and find out who they associate with and try fix the problem.
So if you don’t read how would you know what’s in the Quran, it’s not a book from Harry Potter that’s gonna turn you into evil psycho.

Read with open heart
Then make your judgement
Let us learn more about each other
We are all human if we couldn’t see we would think we are all the same.
A Muslim with the message of love and unity

I mean no offence to no one, and please don’t mind my rules of writing I’m not I haven’t had the chance of a good education
But I managed to learn reading news papers.

That wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t mock our beloved prophet…
Rightly Deserved !!!

to those that say islam causes violence, just know that the prophet himself(saw) said to not hurt non Muslims, so you can’t call the person who did this a “Muslim”, they’ll be punished judgingly by God.

How to report the unfair Indonesian justice system against Muhammad KC to international law institutions, what is the name of the international legal institution where to complain about this injustice?, who knows please comment on my comment, thank you

Brother Kace you are in our prayers and hearts. You are a courageous brother,keep caring your Cross in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.