Ex-Muslim Christian YouTuber Tortured and Imprisoned for Viral Video Mocking Muhammad

… if he had insulted Allah or the Allah-beloved prolific murderer & rapist Putem (Mo’s real/actual name) then let Allah punish him
… if Allah is all powerful/omni-potent then why is it that he does completely nothing? Why do Muslims need to do stuffs for Allah ., why is it that Allah never did anything for Himself?
The answer is Allah doesn’t exist. It’s all in the Muslim’s minds. That’s how and why Muslims can know what Allah wants or hates … because Allah is the Muslims themselves. They dreamt and fantasize about being able to live eternally, to be able to do anything (omnipotent), know everything (omniscient), be everywhere all the time (omnipresent) … just like Allah. Don’t Muslim’s see? It’s all an irrational, childish, idiotic dream/hope/faith.
Yes … we all fear pain, death … the unknown. But it doesn’t mean we can make stuffs up. How strong your wish is you can never stop the tide. You can’t deny mother nature. Nothing last forever. There is no God. Only us. Us living on a small blue planet Earth. We should work together, help each other. Religion is dangerous ideas as they segregate human … they taught human to hate and make enemies of each other. Look around. There is no sign of any God at all … ever. Its just us and our stupid irrational fantasies about wanting to live forever.

Sadly, this “blasphemy case” is only applied to Christians …

bible says jesus is not son of god

Behold, I will reveal the Truths of Existence, for the time to decode The Scriptures has come for mankind.
Thus, the knowledge of God will fill the Earth as water covers the seas (Habakukk chapter 2, verse 14).

Huaaaaaaa :sob:. Now this matter has been seen by David…

Indian Civilization in ancient times was from Afghanistan to the entire south east asia, with its influence literally reaching to far away islands like today’s japan. Japanese deities are literally hindu gods. Eg Japanese god Kangi-ten (is ganesha god of hindus) now hindus are attacked even inside india by islamists. Indonesia literally means Indian islands. For westerners who don’t understand why hindus are becoming defensive so much understand why they are. They have lost so much.

Been to Indonesia once. The only beautiful about the country is Bali island. Meanwhile Java & Sumatra mostly filled with radical Muslims. They speak nice to me because I’m a tourist. But they speak ill about me as well because I’m an infidel. Little did they know I learn a little Indonesian language.
So they hate infidel but they won’t refuse about infidel’s money or beautiful blonde infidel women.
Bunch of hypocrites.

Finally no more Anti-Christ Joke Mr. DW. :grin::grin:

God bless you sir…

Semua Aku tahu tu kejadian lkace sonad general bodoh tu

Ini Aku tahu ni tentang kace ni d pukul abdul sonad berceramah d masjid menghina jesus sebahai jin kapil d gantung terlanjang d Kayu saib sambik ketawa semiu penonton somad kerana sekarang suka sebar d youtube kan kace membalas dalam video nya dia tidak menghina cuma dia jelaskan tentang mohammad tapi semua umat islam indonesia mara kace Suru tangkap kace kerana merendakan koran tapi somad menghina jesus tidak d tsngkap kenapa Aku menantang koran dan kaabah kerana Suka menghina orang lain kerana koran tapi dorsng boleh pulak menghina orang lain polis indonesia jugak sama membela agama biarpun salah dalam undang2 polis sendiri general nya pukul kace dan d suruh makan najis nya general jenis apa Kau dan agama jenis apa kamu muslim indonesia buksn ka cara ksmu begitu kamu merosakan muslim yang lain jokowi Kau president jangan bela yang salah kerana agama sendiri iitu yang membuat orang lain teranyaya

Pray for him to have strength from the Lord to endure his Calvary. Soon all this beatings and killing will be over. The Lord is coming back very soon to take us all home. Maranatha,come Lord Jesus, deliver us from the hands of all your enemies,amen.

I’m so sad and disappointed that Indonesian image are like that, they always have little bit blame us as their minorities citizens in long Indonesian country territories. They just beat us always, kill-removed our human rights and justice, kick and injured good tolerance in their hearts, love, and merciful to each others. Hiks, hiks, hiks… It’s not fair and don’t have real respect each others about Indonesian majorities citizens as racism islamist warriors when they’d against us, they are threat to public with their said “O ALLAH OUR LORD GOD… WE’RE DISCRIMINATED BY ALL INFIDELS/KAFIRUNS IN OUR Country ANYWHERE!!!”, but really they are the hypocrite religious are lying us and the world, we’re Indonesian minorities citizens who threatened by their savages behavior like the beast of the beasts!.

Do u think about is this true of good tolerance in Indonesia??


They kill kristian in Indonesia

why should God do a reincarnation of " him self " :rofl::rofl:
If he his the greatest and why God wanted to be a simple human and went in the body of maria? Ahahhaha this is so stupid.

How can normal people kill the gretaest how how how???

Hahahhahah you people of the bible are making fun of ALLAH because you Now ALLAH is one ALLAH is the best ALLAH is the strongest

Quran was copied from bible since long and bible is the copy of it because the church was now and then so currupted and everything was everytime changed

You have the new the old tastement and no a one bilbe that is old more than 1700 years that is The SAME WITH THE SAME WORD of the now bible.

You can find the Coran old than more 1600 with NO CHANGED WORD

But if you search for a bible 1600 years you don’t find it and everyithing is changed

Hahahah my friend who believed in bible said that jesus saw the hell and heaven but why should he saw it if he is already god and why you call him son of god if he is the god i don’t understand

So respond now you to me.

Is very hot news in Indonesia.

religion of peace…my foot

Bro David, can you make a content regarding Covid-19 vaccines mandate to enter churches? Is it Biblical?

Brother i know ur propaganda…
Cheap thinking ur about Islam…
No problem…allah blessed u

they did great