Ex-Muslim Explains Why He Wanted to Terrorize London

An ex-Muslim (former Salafi) shares why he wanted to launch a terrorist attack in London, and why he decided not to terrorize his own city.

Here’s the original video from Taqiyya Watch: EX-muslim went from considering a TERR0R attack in London, to leaving Islam 🙏 (EXPLAINATION) - YouTube

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If you want to understand jihad, here’s everything you need to know: - YouTube

Evil is the heart of Islam. Islam is evil, so deceptive. Period.

The reason this guy decided not to carry out attack in UK is becoz it is his own countrymen, meaning he will not hesitate to attack in any other european countries. Terrifying.

Just imagine how many of this guy r now in Europe!! How many r in this world !!?? Every international airport incur hundreds of millions of dollars every year for security checks. Billions more spent on other form of securities. Sure hope Izlam disappear within my lifetime.

How many evidences, historical examples and events do people need to realize that Islam is a colonial, invading and fascist force. The only other ideology that can come even close to it’s parallel is Nazism, if that is not worrying enough, I don’t know what is.

They cannot not BLAME us then for not trusting them.

Wow, I can’t believe that religion is still a thing.

Aaah, vid is private now…

God is love. Anything that propagates hatred, destruction and death cannot be from God. Then who?

I cannot see myself ever being a Muslim. I prefer being a Christian any day. Our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ has taught us to love our enemies. To pray for those who despitefully treat us. Our leader is indeed peaceful. I acknowledge that in history some who claim to follow Him misunderstood their true mission and have committed atrocious deeds in His name. Mohammed on the other hand appeared to be a man of senseless violence.

If the West is so corrupt, why not remain in your “blessed” Islamic countries and onlookers may buy your ideas?

I new a young 14 year old I worked with during a summer job many years ago now that was from afganistan and would always share with others that the U.S was like the devil and that they all hate him and his country…I was young, not Christian at the time, but remember feeling sad for how phycologically unwell and amount of hate he had made me feel sad for him, at the sametime because neither of us lived in the U.S and me not knowing too much about our U.S neighbours, at times, I began to somewhat sympathize and believe what he was saying. So sad when I think about it today, he was a nice young kid if it weren’t that he was brainwashed to hate others. :pensive:

“I’m glad hes not a psychopath”

I mused at that. I am glad that you have humbled yourself and can take that jab at yourself knowing now what you know of God and Jesus Christ.

None of us are worthy of the grace of God and all sin is sin the eyes of God, but he loves us anyway and died for us and was resurrected so that we may be saved.

I am a german christian and life in a house with basicly only muslim neighbors. 9 life at the same flor. The same thing happens for me that i see them as enemies but i am realy glad that jesus said: ,Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you" matthew 5:44… So i know what my challenge is! Stay in christ and love them. Jesus hu akbar :slight_smile:

We dont have to believe the “far right”, we do have to believe muslims when they say similar things

they HATE westerns REALLY ?? but they DO wana live in western countries hmmmmm

The guy probably went to a Muslim School so had little contact with non Muslims. Richard Dawkins in a documentary was allowed into a Muslim school and spoke to some Muslim girls. One girl wanted to be a scientist but said the world was flat and giggled when Richard said it was a globe. Richard ask how she knew this and her answer was everything is in the Koran. This is not schooling it’s a conditioning centre.

No matter what you people think the whole world view western countries as Christian country, your great great great grand parents protect it and established as Christianity, its your culture now and its your right to protect it no matter who you are, or else very soon the enemy of Christian will sallow you all

Glad he is not a psychopath, says David Wood.