Ex-Muslim Extravaganza! Yasir Qadhi Edition!

In his recent video “Library Chats #10: Responding to Jay Smith & David Wood on the ‘Holes In the Narrative’ Controversy,” Sheikh Yasir Qadhi claimed that Christian missionaries have never been successful in reaching Muslims with the Gospel or in convincing Muslims to leave Islam. David Wood shares a number of comments from ex-Muslims who suggest otherwise (featuring comments about the impact of Nabeel Qureshi, Christian Prince, Jay Smith, and the Apostate Prophet!).

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Historically Islam grew because Muslim leaders forced conquered peoples to convert. Why is it one religion or another? The problem is religion. You do t need a church filled with hypocrites to be happy. You need yourself first. Find yourself and when you do you will find God inside of yourself. Christianity is ridiculous and Islam is even more so. Happiness is love and peace, not fairy tales and rule books written by very strange people. How does someone realize the absurdity of Islam and run to the bizarre Jesus christ being a saviour. What is this saviour stuff. Come on, be smart. God is supposed to be all knowing and an omnipotent being. Why would a being with that kind of power need that saviour stuff. Why couldn’t got just forgive. No one has an answer to why God had to play a game by having a child and wait until that child is tortured to death in order to save humanity. It’s God we are talking about. All he had to do was forgive. What does save mean. What kind of crazy thing is wanting to be saved. Saved from what? God created it all. So why does God have to send a man to save humanity from himself. How crazy complicated stupidity is that.
The best alternative to Islam is not Islam. Anything is better than Islam. Christianity is way better, but far from good.

Islamic invasion failed
The Hindus fought back and resisted
200 million muslims under Hindu rule

I left islam back in 2013 aged 23. Although ill never become Christian I really do enjoy your eye-opening content. Keep up the good work.

Without Islam the world will be beautiful,no terrorist attack,no harming or killing in the name if religion.:+1:

David Wood can be hilarious. Love this video


I love how this video is so damn sassy using that clip everytime. Rub the salt in there.

because the father of lies (Satan) create Islam

Thanks david. I left islam and i am now exmuslim. Jesus is my lord and savoir. My parents are aslo un educated and i try to explain them why Muhammad is stupid and not a prophet. But they are not understand it can plz tell me how i can tell them i am Christian and Muhammad is false prophet. God bless you.

Man that Muslim guy is really delusional. And he’s lying. He knows it is working and pretends like it isn’t hoping people believe him without question. You’re doing great work David keep it up! Don’t ever feel discouraged from these bullies.

David is the most important person in the world IMO because of his work. Thank you David for everything you do.

I love that line at the end. D Wood really knows what he’s doing when it comes to making videos.

5:55 “Quick correction I’m not Lord, I just make dope videos” greatest quote :joy:

Thank you.
If missionary work is not successful perhaps it is because of fear of being beheaded by muslems like this guy(Haywood).


For every ex muslims killed for leaving Islam, a tribute video must be made and shared widely. Their bravery must be remembered and honoured.

I’m a hindu from India. I used to believe that I believe in God. But I think I am only trying to believe in God because I still don’t understand what it actually feels like believing in God. May be I’m still forming.
My interest in religion was increased because of my inclination, association with pious gurus and the religious tv channels and programmes. But I started watching tv channels of other religions because of the usual complaints of religious conversations. Some of the arguments of greatness of one religion over others were so absurd that I tried to study the other religious texts myself. But it demands a lot of time which I could not manage. Also reading a text doesn’t always make things clear especially when they are like alien. Then I happened to see many vedios of muslim preachers before stumbling on vedio of yours. Instantly I got connected to it just like I did with respect to discourses of gurus of my religion. But with your one channel I can now try to understand both Islam and Christianity and that too with the backing of solid and sound reasoning. There’s also clearly the divine touch because its coming from Dr. David Wood who is like modern day Apostle Paul.
Coming to conversation issue I think its good enough if people can see reason and practice goodness in their respective religions instead of simply trying to argue for or against any religion. In your vedios I find more of reason, truthfulness and humanity than the urge to see christianity as the sole religion to cover entire world. But if muslims want to convert to other religion then Lord Jesus Christ may be the best alternative because he is already known to them and so they can best relate themselves with Christian beliefs than others.
You are really awesome and blessed David. Keep up your good work David. May God bless you David.