Exploring Islam Day 6 Vlog (Islamicize Me)

Here’s Dennis’s vlog on Islamophobia and turning to Allah to avoid being poisoned.

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Day 7 of “Islamicize Me” (in which the gang learns Muhammad’s method of making yourself immune to all varieties of poison) comes out tonight!


Hey David, why is this video not in your own Islamicize Me playlist?

You were either sleep deprived or trippin with this one bro…
Love ya regardless :grin:

You’re too convincing … you’re scaring me

0:36 I could have sworn the back ground turned in to a cave with a ISIS flag for one second
David you’re really determined with the whole Islam thing :rofl:

0:02 Dennis:
[It] seems that I have to continue the vlog by myself tonight.

0:11 Dennis:
Islamophobia is real.
We haven’t even been Muslims for a week now and two of us have already been poisoned.

0:31 Dennis:
Does this mean that we give up faith? No.
It means we turn to Allah to give us guidance on how to avoid being poisoned again.
That’s what we’ll work on tomorrow

[outro “I’m Into Something Good” song by Herman’s Hermits]
♫Somethin’ tells me I’m into something good♫
♫Somethin’ tells me I’m into something…♫



You got ta kidding me!

Ur not a real Muslim


If you truly want to learn Islam, for educational purposes, why dont you just do it in a respectable fashion, you are a supposed scholar, so start acting like one. Your just acting childish.

David, you must say “subhanahu wa ta’ala” after you say “Allah”

Hi david, what do you think and opinion about this video (is it real ?) :

You think christian is true???

Ultimately everyone believes what they will. We can only really lead by example e.g our actions.

We will enter our graves alone and be responsible only for our own actions.

God Bless David Wood.

Surah 72 about genie