Exposing Mecca, the Kaaba, and the Qibla (Jay Smith and Hatun Tash)

Muslims believe that the Kaaba was built by Abraham and Ishmael, and that the city of Mecca was was a trading center for centuries before the time of Muhammad. But does the historical and archaeological evidence support Muslim belief? In this video, Jay Smith and Hatun Tash tell Muslims the truth about Mecca, the Kaaba, and the Qibla.

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I fear for these two everytime Muslims screams allahuakbar in the background.

Allah was a chief god of pre islam

Yeah that’s it muslim is so proud of moving around 7 times and turn out pagans worship

he’s yelling cause he’s so sick and tired of the smooth brain arguments you gotta deal with disproving Islam kek

GOD BLESS You Jay Man of God !!!You Must Dismantle that Strongman Man!! You are a Setting the Captives Free!!

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Now we know why Muslims are not supposed to question Islam, the Qur’an, and Muhammad. If you ask questions you might get the answers. Imams and Sheiks don’t want their people to know the ruth or use critical thinking and logic. Science, especially archeology, is their worst enemy. They destroy the foundation in which Islam was created.w why

to remain a muslim, you have to be ignorant of facts.

Both of them is NOT a MUSLIM…If you want to know about the real kaabah and else you should ask the REAL muslim people…Not some non-muslim religion that obviously want to make Islam as a bad religion

Y’all are stupid. No one is praying to the Kaaba. We are praying to God. His throne is above the seventh heaven above the Kaaba. The Kaaba isn’t originally pagan. It was first built by Abraham and his son Ismael. There are even Abraham’s footsteps in front of it from when he was building it. He would always step back a little and see how high it is. The Kaaba was destroyed several times by pagans, then rebuilt by the Quraishi tribe, it was a centre of pagan worship and the worship of God at the same time. As the tribes in Mecca started embracing islam and disowning paganism, it became a centre of the worship of God.

This guy smiles and laughs when his lies exposed.

The origin of Kaaba was build by the pagan worshippers NOT Abraham. This is another fabricated craps, lies that Muhammad made.

As an ex-Muslim I switched from going to Mecca to wanting to go to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

They worship The kaaba with the blackstone…hahahaha

Mecca grew up around the spring the angel led Hagar to save Ishmael. The Kaaba was not there then !

THIS IS HIW OLD MECCA/KABBA is no muslims in this video

Even a Jew Rabbi Confirmed that Moses went for Pilgrim in Mecca The Bible proves Prophet MOSES did pilgrimage to MECCA - INTERESTING Insight by a JEWISH writer! - YouTube

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I’m a Christian and I’m sorry but I’m having to stop listening because that woman’s voice is piecing my brain :joy: