Facebook Censors Post Reporting Threat against Me and My Mother

Here’s the link to the “50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet”:

Earlier today, I received a threat on YouTube. I posted my peaceful reply to the threat on Facebook, and Facebook removed the post, claiming that it violates the community standards. If Facebook censorship now means that we can’t even draw attention to threats, it’s time we asked who they’re trying to protect.

To understand why I receive threats, watch these videos:

“Three Stages of Jihad”:

“Three Quran Verses Every Christian Needs to Know”:

“Three Quran Verses Every Woman Needs to Know”:

“Islam: The World’s Fastest-Growing Religion”:

“Three Questions for Moderate Muslims”:

I know this is an old video, but I laughed so hard I needed to change my underwear :o)

Now,now Mr.Wood…Would it be unreasonable to expect a modicum of behavior reflecting our modern advancement beyond outdated notions of considering others actions as we would our own given the same circumstances?.. You almost seem to have the audacity of expecting fairness(lol) !..

Its probably gonna it worse. Were gonna be seen as haters. Speaking truth will be hate speech. God will help us.

Shariabook is very keen on removing posts critical of Islam.

First of all Adi never understood what you wanted to say


They should make a FactBook!

I have a three questions to the none muslims…
why do you steal our lands?

Why do you steal our oil?

Why do you kill us in our home countries?

Best regards

Weldon David

I’ve reported nudity & vulgarity on facebook and I always get the same report back, it doesn’t go against their fb standards. Tells me all I need to know about Mark Zuckerberg and his standards.

But liberals love and agree with Islamists because liberals are just as violent and disgusting.

I have deleted my facebook id only for this reason of censorship. I stand by you David. You are a nightmare to these scums. Let them keep groaning. " raping mother and sister " is their usual threat to us and i got bore of it. lol


May or may not be a muslim, but is an asshole.

Did they not take down Adil’s comment?!? Tell me they did Dave…?!?

So what are we gonna do when YouTube starts censoring you?

Facebook is very crooked→100%

David woods remember Muslims are everywhere and I promise you the dish is best served cold

Your reply was indeed epic. Calling it such yourself was unnecessary.