Facebook Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws

Pakistani officials are working with Facebook to purge the social network of content deemed “blasphemous” against Muhammad and the Quran. Further, Pakistan is demanding that Facebook help track down blasphemers for extradition and trial. Is Facebook becoming Sharia compliant?

Here are links to the articles quoted in the video:

Your fake pedophile prophet… well, he’s from satan… not God.

God will judge every man… you better be found in HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS

Bind them Lord !!!

Know thy enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.
Our LORD, Savior and GOD Jesus the Christ is mocked and His Holy name is used to express disgust and in vain daily. And we Christians are commanded to be harmless as doves. As well as blessing those who dispitefully use us. Turning the other cheek and other obligations to not only non violence and gentle kindness even towards our enemy.
Repeatedly from the Genesis to Revelations that our battles are fought and won through The Holy Spirit of GOD and not by our own strength.
I apologize for ranting. Thanks for all you do brother Dave. :+1:t5:

Criticize Buddha: no problem
Criticize Vishnu: no problem
Criticize Jesus Christ: no problem
Criticize Mohammad:BlaSPheMy!!!

Facebook is a p**sy, no doubt about that.

Seriously Facebook can go fuck itself I have met so many toxic people on Facebook
And Islam can go fuck itself twice over
Why anybody defends this ideology in western countries is absolutely beyond me

So now Facebook is giving out the accounts and locations of the people making posts against muslims and is working with sharia compliant tyrants. What a piece of shit. We’ve allowed these monopolies to get too big and now they’re a national security threat. Break them up immediately.

David Wood is a prophet

Haha I loved the end :joy:

Disgusting. Muhammad is a pedophile and a murderer, a raper. No Sharia Law ever.

People want destroy the world will encourage Islam

Another great video Mr, David.

Well ! Read Catullus Just to mention one of millions of BOOKS !

The more I hear about this Green book the less I like it

Zuckky is a psychopath that loves money and will do what ever makes him more. Face book always sucked why be surprised now? Pakistan is home of tbe taliban.


Dont leave Bangladesh from your discussion.

Guys I give a damn shit importance to FACEBOOK . Just waiting for an alternate to Google, Play store , YouTube etc