Facebook Now Lets Yasir Qadhi Censor Videos About Islam

A few months ago, I posted a video titled “Joe Biden Accidentally Calls for Jihad against America.” Facebook eventually began flagging the video and labeling it “false news.” When I investigated, I found that Facebook was flagging the video as fake news because that’s what Sheikh Yasir Qadhi told Politifact. Hence, Facebook is now letting Dr. Qadhi censor videos about Islam.

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Everyone knows
Facebook is the Ministry of Truth


Welcome home brother! Dont read the comments below. Fellow Christians can hurt you betray you but our Lord Jesus Christ will never do. He loves you bro. Stay strong in ur faith.

Is that a bit like asking the Mafia if they agree with something that claims they are into criminal activities?

Sounds like the Catholic church in Ireland, until very recently!!!

Fuck this joe thing will bring back terrorism

Facebook nd twitter are full of wokias…

David Wood’s youtube content is much more educational than any school

If I will see any female or helpless person crying for help, I will definitely go to save them no matter what!! This is my Islam that teaches us to help those who are helpless. If you are among those who after hearing cries from the elevator, just fall asleep and tell in the morning to Police when a girl is already raped. A girl keeps banging the door and you get so cautious that even don’t show the courage to call 911, I am sorry, I will definitely try to help the daughter of Eve, no matter what!!

Facebook is a terrorist organization created to destroy the West

How terrible!
The West is being destroyed from within. They are using their politicians, their social organizations and their own companies as a weapon against the people of the West.
Many socialisats today are happy, but it is because they ignore the history of both Islam and Marxism.
When the time comes, they will no longer laugh.
This type of people who are from the West but hate the West, when the time comes, they will be the first to suffer the madness and evil of Marxism and the insane madness of Islam.

Facebook and social media in general have been blatantly censoring anyone and everyone who disagrees with their ideologies for a long time now so this doesn’t surprise me. We need to remove their protected status as social platforms and make them publishers that are liable in a court of law.

facebook jihad pro terorrists

killing270 000 000 is a kind of struggle fucked fack cheaker

yasir qadhi what are you full of iv never been on shitbook fact check cheets

boycott facebook

Agreed, except that Biden knew what he was saying. In fact, he wants Jihad against America…

I keep getting Islamic ads (whatever that means!) on your videos. It’s pretty scary and funny at the same time!!

Why are you so hell bent on attacking Islam and causing more division in the world? So much hate