Famous Last Words of Jesus, Muhammad, and Nabeel Qureshi

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We can learn a lot about what’s most important to a person by pondering his last words. In this video, David Wood discusses the parting thoughts of Jesus, Muhammad, and Nabeel Qureshi.

To all that is looking for the truth, don’t listen to this idiot talking about the prophet Mohammed. He takes everything out of context to confirm his biases. The jews and the Christians that built houses of worship out of the Graves of their prophets are indeed cursed because they allowed idolatry, these jews and Christians started worshipping the Graves instead of God and the curse is worthy of them.
God is one and none should be worshiped besides him even the messengers.
Go learn about Islam, the religion of Abraham from an unbiased source and may God guide your hearts

You all fake Paul designed fake Christian lost your original Hebrew angil and following Paul’s English Bible you lost true path and you are going to hell ensha Allah

Dear dawid do you have original Hebrew Bible
Jejus was not a English man
Alhamdulillah we have original copies of Quran

Seeking creater and reached to creater Allah noor invisible superpower almighty free from body not man and woman Alhamdulillah I am Muslim I worship creator

Look at the contrast between the last words of Jesus and Muhammad ,both killed unrighteously…says it all really.

Oh my brother Nabel! My heart ache for losing a brother like you. God bless you brother.

Nabeel was an ahmadi

David have you ever read, “Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved” by S.B. Shaw? There is a huge difference between the two, a real eye opener.

I got into this really late. I didn’t know he passed away :pensive: RIP Brother

We are living in 21St century. Our constitution is the holy book. Study it and follow it .

Hey, mohd excluded atheist in his last curse. Hooray.

Alla who Snackbarr ! :boom::bomb::fire:

thank you David for your messages.

Does one’s last thoughts reveal love and hope for the future or anger and bitterness about the past? Poisoned hearts are more deadly than cyanide, more contagious and lethal than a pandemic viruses. If vindictive jihad, by speech or sword, is their only offering, then this belief system is doomed to the trash heap of history and its adherents are totally lost.

One of these people are not like the other’s… Curses

Thank you David for this and all your videos. They helped me a lot when I’m talking with my Muslim friends.


Nabal is in a much better place according to the Bible . Bible says “when a Christian closed their eyes here its open in Heaven” the Bible says when a man sin and look to Jesus fr help, he is ready to help because he came to set the captives free,free from Satan dominion , free from his sins.