Farid Responds to Muhammad's Hate Crimes!

Farid (of the YouTube channel Farid Responds) has accused the Prophet Muhammad of committing countless hate crimes. Mohammed Hijab, Ali Dawah, and Adnan Rashid have joined in the attacks. How will David Wood and the Apostate Prophet answer?

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Hijab is so dumb, he tries to get David’s Patreon removed. The Results → David’s Patreon support increases by 10% and Hijab’s video gets deleted by youtube! Brilliant strategy loJab! LOL

Friends never ever vote to Muslim politicians,it will be our end :+1::pray:

What happened to the film score @ the end of your movies David ? I enjoy them! (The one where you chopped clips of Ali Dawahs prepubescent voice up & added some beat ):blush:

God bless you brother David

7th century illiterate caravan robber.
7th century pedophile, rapist, slave trader, liar, demon possessed became a prophet

Evil people. They need open there eyes and see how evil there is

God bless you DW

Why? Oh why? Do Muslims claim that Christians who show the detestable teachings of the Quran are islamaphobes! They do it they love Muslims! And will continue to do so as long as Muslims are fleeing from the death cult in their thousands. Come home Jesus loves you!!!

It’s amazing :laughing:.

thank you for all your knowledge david ,jesus is lord

Farid & Hijab are thugs . They’re not even smart enough to realize how dumb they sound.

Keep it up David you are doing a wonderful job and apos

Nice line " Andrew was a white slave owner just like Mohammed ! "

Islam and people like Ali Dawa and the rest of them are sick people.

Brothers in futility :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Leave Mim Hijab alone!

Send him a token dollar

Thanks farid your the best, keep up the bad work

Go David, Go