Farting on YouTube: Silent-But-Deadly Sharia Compliance

Since activists at YouTube age-restricted our “Islamicize Me” video discussing Muhammad’s commands about farting in the mosque, it’s time to discuss YouTube’s policy about floating air biscuits.

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Day 19: Sucky sucky!
Age restriction: I sleep
Day 20: Ha ha, butt go brrr.
Age restriction: 0_0

i was laughing so much, i farted. >does this mean i’m banned from using U-tube?

Everytime David makes a fart reference I laugh out loud lol… I’m immature as heck lol…

Do they wudu before and after doo doo? Allahu fartbar. Ahamdililah. Al-salami and bacon.

Unlike sex, farting is allowed across all age groups all over the world. It’s more natural than sex. Doesn’t even wait for consent.



Sounds like a muslim, did not like them farting at mask. Whatever they call it.

To funny.

I lolled so hard,very good one dr.Wood.

Riiiiiight! And does YT SERIOUSLY think 14 yr olds, even 8 yr olds aren’t fake-farting, teasing their friends over real farts, & so forth? It’s a bodily function that EVERYONE does!! Maybe YT needs to actually stick their heads UP their bazooka instrument to discover this universal fact: EVERY ONE does it! ALL AGES, ALL DEMOGRAPHICS. The only difference here is that a certain somebody set up some very specific rules regarding this universal function, & the video was pointing out these largely unknown rules. The end! No need to restrict viewership, unless they’re gonna moniter the flatulence of EVERY person on the planet!!!

If you equate muslims to children, then Youtube is spot on with the age restriction

What a f man hahahaha

Media is pro Islam

Thunder from down under :rofl::sparkles:

SO many ways to refer to Flatulence! Thank, you David, I’ll be bookmarking this for my English students.

Farted 3 times while watching this. :slight_smile: