Feel the Love: Ramadan Edition! (David Wood)

Ramadan is Islam’s holiest month. In this video, David Wood discusses some Muslim responses to his recent Ramadan video.

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David’s closing point is the best ever?

See the love of God by the detractors: “We will XXXXXX you if we find you. (paraphrased)”.

David looks like the Rock when he moves his eyebrows.

onward christian soldier David wood God bless this man in the grace of our lord Jesus Christ amen

I :heart: your eyebrows

Censored “dumbass” but not “whore”?

Thanks P.M

yep, thats the truth of islam and the no head muslims

Spreading peace :joy:

The most pathetic aspect of all of these is that, when they die and found themselves before the throne of Christ whilst Allah is no where to be found, they will cry before the Lord that the Christians never preach to them the good news, and so the Christians are wicked, but look at them now. Have mercy - LORD :pray:

With all those “blessings”, David is concerned with the remarks about his eyebrows .

I like the guys who say “David knows the Hadith and Quran better than most moderate Muslims”

Eagerly waiting for 2022 update from DW!

David can’t look like satan, David is white. According to Muhammad Satan is…

It’s fun looking at David’s past videos. This long ago he and I had few books in common. As time goes on, his books behind him more and more match up with mine.

Love you DW Go Dw Go God bless. You

Why is it ok for you to insult and mock islam and we not ok.

Jews hates muslims? Thats new. The fact is the opposite i believe​:joy::joy:

you have very nice eyebrows Dear David…keep up the great work…so proud of you