Feminist’s Book on Cancel Culture Gets Canceled by Muhammad (Julie Burchill vs. Ash Sarkar)

Julie Burchill, a self-described “militant feminist,” has had her book on cancel culture canceled after she posted some tweets responding to Muslim journalist Ash Sarkar. Burchill’s book, “Welcome to the Woke Trials,” was due to be published by Little, Brown in April. However, after she called Muhammad a “pedophile” on Twitter, she was blasted with charges of Islamophobia and racism, and the publisher dropped the book. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the BBC article quoted in this video (“Julie Burchill’s book about cancel culture cancelled over Twitter row”), click here: Julie Burchill's book about cancel culture cancelled over Twitter row - BBC News

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Amen. Bravo!

I was going to say that,how patient and reasonable old Mo was,waiting until she was nine,seeing as he married her when she was 6. I didn’t know about all that emphasis on the whiteness of Mohammed. Of course in pretty well all human cultures white is seen as representing purity but also - in Africa and Asia they are way more racist and discriminatory than we ever were. In African and Asian countries the lighter your brown skin is the higher status you are or can aspire to be. A very dark skin means you are low class,servant class (to them). In fact in a lot of African and Asian languages the word for “black” is the exact same word that means “slave”. Please know that the African slave trade from central Africa and up over the Sahara desert to the shores of the Mediterranean had been in place for at least one thousand years before the Europeans came across it and put in for their slice of the action. And they did not “industrialize it”,it was already done on an industrial scale by the Moslem world,who also predated heavily upon the unfortunately located Balkans and enslaved Slavs,white people.
They weren’t discriminatory. The slave girls in all those Sultans harems for hundreds of years were not Turkish,they were girls from the Balkans,white girls.

There is no such thing as hate speech, just unpopular speech. The first amendment was created to protect unpopular speech, popular speech does not need protection.

For along time I thought ash sarkar was not a Muslim she never cover her self all ways showing flesh , a special her breasts, and been seen during beer. What seems strange to say she is a Muslim? And she hates the U.K. All so a racist baiter, nice lady.

Grrrhhh… Another " buttlicking " terrorize publisher company. “Freedom of speech” everyone.

The sad thing is Majority of the people in UK who would have to agree are white.

So how many people do we need to cancel the Quran? There is Alot of Racist stuff in it

I guarantee that OBAMA’S are the root cause for all this.

Thank you David, for your words and the courage to speak them. Blessings to you and your family. Peter A

Sing to the Lord a new song: praise Him from the ends of the earth, you who travel in the bays of the sea, and let them eat it all. Let the desert and its cities chant, and the inhabited lands of Kedar. Let the people of Sela sing with joy, and let them shout from the tops of the mountains. And let them glorify the Lord, and give him praise in Algeria.
Isaiah 42:10-12 What is meant by the people of Silaa are the residents of Medina, and Kedar means the honored Mecca, and Muhammad came from Mecca until he entered Medina. This means that what is meant in the verse is the Prophet Muhammad, Peace and blessings be upon him, the truth has come and falsehood has perished. Indeed, falsehood has perished

This video is chrushing for the followers of the prophet… a sledgehammer for the lie of ’ the patron of conduct’

Julie Burchill makes me feel sick, her views are toxic and her soul is black…

Mohammed and Aisha is a great way to shut down leftists attacking western history with a modern lens. They can’t call you racist if yousay no I’m not calling M a pedo because I don’t judge history that way, but you do so you’re the racist

She’s a C and should have been sacked years ago. We in the Uk can’t stand her, she’s a fake journalist

Bro, what sources is this bad actor referring to? Please comment with evidence and not depraved islamophobic rants. Alas, I’m not surprised, this weasel finds it hard to string two sentences together. So his interpretation of Islamic texts is dubious at best. Nonetheless please comment and I’d happily cross-examine and quite frankly belittle you.

extraordinary people are 2 big words that don’t fit this residue of a female creature called julie birchill…and julie is a too sweeter name for her. I am glad twitter took her off. Daily Telegraph writer Julie Burchill is nothing but the residue of grime under a bar table, she is desperate to stay afloat, a racist joke to womanhood, and a disgrace of a human being, all her sad education was lacking and her parents should have loved her so her sick mentality would have been different. but no. her 3 marriages ended in divorce and I bet no even her 2 sons can stand her mentality. she deserves no recognition or praise. her last moments in life will be alone. nobody will remember her as anything good.

Shut up

Islam is the earliest & most scholastic form of Totalitarianism. That’s why modern-age totalitarian ideologies also share a lot of their tactics with Islam.

We had already taken the covenant of the Children of Israel and had sent to them messengers. Whenever there came to them a messenger with what their souls did not desire, a party [of messengers] they denied, and another party they killed.

People like U killed innocent people in all centuries… rascal people🧟‍♂️