Feminists of the world!

Here’s a quick overview of feminists around the world (Kurdish feminists, Pakistani feminists, Israeli feminists, Russian feminists, and American feminists).

I didnt know that u hate true feminists


All power goes to man so this feminists embarasing them self :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

David you killed it with no words thank you I hope This will wake some American up. they are a shame for our generation,

How very sad.

Well, if I had a reason I would serve in army. Christianity doesn’t forbid it (for example Joan of Arc was a warrior), but I can’t understand logic of feminists, they have all human rights to be whoever they want, but thy don’t think so! I’m a woman and I would to serve in army, but I’m not a feminist ( I even hate them)

So…you think women in these other countries don’t protest? There are plenty of women in the US military. This video is Republican nonsense. I started liking your channel, not sure about that anymore…

This is embarrassing hahahha

The dark skin Israeli Chick at 00:40 is so pretty, I didnt know they still had dark skin people from Israel, goes to show how little I know about Israel today.

American Feminists are horrific and as sinful as Mohammed

What are those things at the end of the video



Sorry to say, the American feminists look fit only for the whore house.

thank you so much for this David. not only did it make me laugh, but it also made me realize that the women in the middle east are literally fighting for their own freedom. it’s very sad, I hope the creator blesses them with victory.

David, how much wood would a wood chucker chuck if a wood chucker would chuck wood? (You should legally change your name to that)

the israel feminists were hottist

Let’s take all American Feminists to Pakistan and see how they get away with their doggie barks. That should straighten them out and teach them to be respectful and submissive. They will come back to this country kissing the ground. Actually, some Christian women could use this training too unfortunately (too many fleshly pastors not teaching them to honor men…)

The feminists protesting Trumps decision to ban the Muslims don’t realize he is actually protecting their… It’s embarrassing to say it.