Five Reasons Christians Should Learn about Islam

Many Christians think it’s not important to learn about other religions. In this video, David Wood shares five reasons Christians should study Islam.

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This is the first video of the Apologetics Empire series on Islam and Christianity. If you’re participating in the translating and recording, DON’T PANIC! We’re not starting yet. We still need to tweak some things and make sure everything is ready. I’m posting this video now so I can have it posted on the website along with the transcript. Once the transcript is up, you’re welcome to get a head-start on translating. But we won’t be officially launching until everything has been tested and everyone is ready. Talk to you soon!

The key is to know the one true God and to be aware of the greatest deceiver…

Satan, 6 centuries before Christ:
For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
Isaiah 14:13‭-‬14 KJV
Satan 6 centuries after Christ:
Same story except the last sentence,
“I will be Allah.”

Honestly I simply ask them if their “God” is the true God, then how does He pay the debt of sin for so many believers when they don’t have a sacrificial system to make atonement for the sins of the believers in order to make them righteous before God who is perfect in justice? Never an answer given.
I ask them how does your God demonstrate the greatest love for us “humanity” never a satisfying answer.
If there God is only one “Person”, then for all eternity he couldn’t express or experience love/relationship until he created another person in order to express and experience love/relationship. However, if he had to create another person in order to express and experience love/relationship, that would make him lacking and totally dependent upon another person in order to express and experience love/relationship. If your god lacks the greatest quality ever and is totally dependent upon another person then your god is not god at all. You see the major problems that they have. Only The God of the Bible “the Triune God” is perfect and is the true and living God who demonstrates all these perfectly in Christ Jesus the Son on the cross where all sin was punished and paid for in full once and for all so that no sin goes left unpunished and paid for therefore keeping Gods justice perfect and righteous. God also demonstrated the greatest love ever, “For God demonstrated His own love for us, in that while we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us” and has since risen from the dead thereby defeating death and sin once and for all who believe and is now seated at the right hand of the Father on the throne in Heaven and sends the Holy Spirit to each and every believer so that when we pass away from the flesh, we can approach God Almighty in perfect righteousness having no sin in us through the greatest sacrifice of all “Christ Jesus”. I’d start with that!

Christian are the biggest population in the world because people accepted it by their own will. While Islam is on second because they forced to convert into Islam.

Now I understand why some of them is very hard to spoke about. They cannot accept proofs and views except their own. They were stuck to that kind of idealogy which needs to be contemplated sometimes.

This video is combative for no reason and inaccurate. . A representative example is his misquotation of 5:116 - it doesnt mention the trinity. Muslims don’t agree with the trinity AND praying to Mary(as Catholics do) and 5:116 is about praying to Jesus or Mary being indefensible. I think combative and inaccurate is an adequate criticism of everything here.

May the All Mighty God guide all of us human being ho His straight path… aameenn…

A broken scriptural foundation !

Only when that foundation is shown to be flawed to them will the authoritative foundational Torah be able to replace it!

Then they will be able to understand the narrative of the Messiah !

I am a Christian a follower of Yahweh Yeshua Jesus is Lord
And that’s very true what you say friend if we don’t know what they believe how can we ever speak to them about anything now when they come at me with the Bible I know have knowledge of both books my friends the Bible and the Quran no having knowledge in both books gives me power power over the concept of deception which is in the mind of many of them because I have God as my center Stone in my center focus there is nobody who can argue against the things that I’m going to say to people when it comes to that because God’s word is truth and you cannot argue with the truth when you fight a Christian you are fighting against God let me rephrase that when you fight against a true Christian you fight against God because we always put everything in God’s hands we speak to you we may even write you letters but afterwards we pray our asses off until something happens and I have somebody I’m praying for now and I’m not going to stop until God opens this man’s eyes to the truth unless he asked me to stop I will continue don’t ever tell me I’m wrong unless you are willing to prove me wrong cuz I will prove that I am correct and what I say the worst thing anybody can do is tell me I’m wrong when I know I’m right or call me a liar when I’m not lying I will snap and I will fight with everything inside of me to prove otherwise it’s who I am

Jesus says my people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge,
I don’t want to be one of those people
I love the points you argue my friend and yes I do intend on using them after I have gained enough knowledge please pray I can reach Hedi my neighbor and show him the Bible is Truth Jesus is Lord and the only true God Lord and Savior Amen :pray:

Christianity is decline

I’m not religious at all but everyone should know how heinous Islam is.

Nice david picking out the pointing you can answer nice. Tell me why easn’t adam a god while he Didn’t had both parents.

God don’t need a wife to have a son
And Jesus is God himself

Islam is getting bigger by reproduction :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

What is christianity? I guess and am sure that this word doesn’t exist in bible then why is it said so

I hate Islam it is satanic,it is completely violets children s and women rights.:kaaba::pig2::kaaba::pig2::kaaba::pig2:

Bruh.Islam has more than 1.9 billion followers. You are a liar​:joy::joy: