Florida Terrorist Inspired by al-Qaeda, Fort Hood Shooting (David Wood)

Shortly before he opened fire at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, Second Lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani (a Saudi Air Force officer) tweeted a message to the American people. In his tweet, he quoted both Osama bin Laden and Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki (of al-Qaeda fame). Since the al-Awlaki quotes were taken directly from al-Awlaki’s “Message to the American People,” Alshamrani clearly read about Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s attack at Fort Hood. Hence, we have a connection between the Pensacola terror attack and the Fort Hood Massacre. The officer from Saudi Arabia was inspired to attack a navy base by al-Qaeda jihadis and a prior attack on a U.S. military base. Oddly enough, he was invited to the U.S. to learn to fly jets provided to Saudi leaders by the Trump Administration. David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses this most important topic in US news.

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As Congresswoman Ilhan Omar would say, “Some person did something in Florida.”

Say, “O you who are Jews, if you claim that you are allies of Allah , excluding the [other] people, then wish for death, if you should be truthful.”


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Fucking islam hypocrite

I love how Christian quoting something from Quran and hadith without knowing is it true or not

Terrorism has no religion
stop attacking Islam

Thank you

I am fans of David wood even though in this video he is not right and I will explain why there are estimatedly 800 Saudi Arabian military about 17 supposedly have extremist content is less than 2% of their military personnel .You cannot sell weapons that the buyer cannot operate. That was a n small group of crazy In addition, governments pay for the training of their military by the US. also along with military training comes ideological indoctrination I don’t think in the long term they stop doing business with murky governments

Petition your representative, senator, and yes President Trump to give the Purple Heart to those service men and women wounded at Ft Hood, because MAJ Nidal made himself into a an enemy combatant, inspired by the ideology of our enemy.

can i have his tweet SS i need it to show my fallow indians

Hmmmmmm… I think the UNITED STATES MILITARY…could not care less to whom they deal/trane with…It s ALL MONEY…

Winston Churchill also said…DON T TRUST THEM…DON T TRUST THEM.

Yes the USA is evil, we do not take care of Christs people, and we put profit and regulations ahead of human life. However we do not promote adults having sex with children. We do not blow up planes filled with our own people and those of other countries. We are the sniper in the dark that you can’t see… We don’t hijack planes full of people to use as weapons against other people.

Our leaders are for the most part clueless when it comes to understanding what we are up against. Israel knows what we are up against, and they also know how to spot those that are likely to be terrorists. As such Israel does not waste resources searching people that are not likely to be terrorists. Such as myself and elderly people, we are upset when they take our water and other items and still let terrorists on planes with weapons. I would never think of blowing up a plane or other such things where I am going to be because being on fire hurts really bad and I don’t like pain in addition to it being wrong.

As for how to spot a potential terrorist, It requires testing them and see how offended they are by the presence of women in a bikini, and by Christians. They don’t have to physically react, as we can see the reaction in their eyes without them saying a word. The reason I mention these things as not only do they find them offensive… They find it acceptable to cause harm to others that have done nothing to them other than just existing. Those that react and will react violently have little regard for the life of others such as Jews and Christians. It is easy to tell if someone is a potential terrorist as they find it acceptable to harm others based on appearance alone, and they would also most likely do nothing to help someone that they do not approve of that is in need. Even if I do not agree with someones values I would help them unless I see them as a personal threat to my life. They will not even give them that. I do know there are good Muslims that have helped Jews when their lives were threatened.

One way is to fake the harming of an innocent person that is of a group they do not approve of and see their reaction, if they seek to do anything to help the person they are most likely a good person, but if the reaction is I hope they die… Then they are most likely a potential terrorist. Also Terrorists are usually someone between 10 and 35 years of age, and have little regard for the lives of others and most likely themselves as well. They are also usually single and put ideology ahead of enjoying life. They are usually men but women also have been known to be suicide bombers.

Also we can make our airports and cities safer by just getting to know people, and being observant. We don’t need more police or anything else as they are more likely to go after honest people as they are very easy to convict of crimes that they did not even do, and let criminals get away with all kinds of things as they are good at lying. Old fashioned police work will catch the dangerous ones, but most are looking for east solutions and that does not work against those that are the most dangerous. It only upsets me and others because we are being targeted because we are easy as opposed to going after the ones who are a real threat to others and this country and other countries. Also Terrorists can be any color and can and do dress in a way to fit in or appear to be a professional business person. That is why say get to know people, and the way to make cities safer is to change how courts and police operate. The current model is getting convictions as opposed to protecting the majority of the people. It is better to have people getting away with things that harm none, and go after those that do or are most likely to do the most harm to other people. As opposed to what we have now where every little thing is prosecuted because they want convictions and look the other way to those that have lawyers when they lie and commit crimes that are far worse. We really should not be putting people in jail for stealing food, but we do need to put people in jail that do home invasions, steal cars tools, and many other things that actually harm other people.

It is the upside down prosecuting and enforcement of the laws that is enabling terrorists to be more likely to get away with such things. Blacks and others should not need to fear the police will plant evidence on them to convict them. As these kinds of things make life easy for terrorists to get away with harming others. We need to simplify our laws and other things so only the worst of the worst are the ones that are convicted of things. mentally impaired loners are not likely to be hardened criminals unless our police are teaching them to be such as with getting those kids to sell them drugs that they would not otherwise do.

Guess you need to make a video about America’s conundrum, support to Israel and selling weapons to Saudi…

they’re all violent the ones have met so far are just moralist.

why doesn’t president order all active military be armed at all times

Islam is the greatest threat to world peace and the enemy of all rational humans. Savagery has no place in the modern world.

These All Are Terrorist